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Expands the functionality of the farm cave, allowing Demetrius to set it up for custom production.

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This is a framework mod that lets you use Content Patcher to add more options to the farm cave setup event with Demetrius.

There is also a config option to reset the cave and have Demetrius ask you again which setup you would like.

Warning: Resetting the cave layout after previously choosing one with this mod removes all objects previously placed in the cave in order to setup for a new cave type.

Mods that use this framework:

Let me know if you create a mod that uses this framework!

Creating Custom Setups

There are currently two types of setup, following the vanilla types:

  • Fixed stations that produce items daily like the mushroom bins
  • Random appearing items like bat fruit

Note that this mod doesn't actually cause stations to produce items like the mushroom bins - I recommend using the Custom Object Production mod to add station production.

Content Patcher format is as follows:

    "Format": "1.23.0",
    "Changes": [
            "Action": "EditData",
            "Target": "farm_cave_choices",
            "Entries": {
                "MyFarmCave": {
                    "id": "MyFarmCave",
                    "choice": "My Thing",
                    "description":"I can set up machines in the cave to magically produce your thing.",
                    "objects": [
                            "id": "aedenthorn.MyThingDGA/My Thing Producer",
                            "X": 4,
                            "Y": 5
                "AnotherThing": {
                    "id": "AnotherThing",
                    "choice": "Another Thing",
                    "description":"I can set up the cave to make another thing appear.",
                    "resourceChance": 66,
                    "resources": [
                            "id": "Another Thing",
                            "weight": 10
                            "id": "A Rare Thing",
                            "weight": 1

objects is a list of stations, resources is a list of random items that might drop. A setup can use both at once if desired. resourceChance is out of 100 - the game will keep trying to add random resources to an empty tile until this chance fails.

Note: Animations (bat eyes, flying bats, etc.) and sounds (bat flap, screechs, etc.) are still a WIP


Requires SDV 1.5.5+

Requires SMAPI, uses Harmony.

Compatible with Mod Updater for automatic updates.

Code is at

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.

A list of all my mods for Stardew Valley is available at