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Allows you to craft butterfly hutches and place them outdoors. Butterflies everywhere!

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This mod adds a recipe to the craftable list that lets you craft a smaller version of the butterfly hutch and place it anywhere craftables can be placed.

Butterflies appear after you leave a location and come back (attracting them takes time!)

The hutches are customizable by editing the config.json file:

"SpriteSheetOffsetRows": 0, - Number of rows to shift the new sprite down on TileSheets/Craftables. Use this only if you have other mods adding craftables to offset the place where this mod puts its sprite.
"HutchCost": "338 40 709 40 425 4", - This is the material cost of crafting the hutch (default is 40 refined quartz (338), 40 hardwood (709), and 4 fairy rose seeds (425))
"SkillReq": "Farming 6", - Skill type and skill level required to gain the hutch recipe
"MinButterfliesDensity": 0.01, - minimum butterfy density (1.0 is one butterfly per map tile)
"MaxButterfliesDensity": 0.05  - maximum butterfy density (1.0 is one butterfly per map tile)

Requires SMAPI, doesn't use Harmony.

Code is at

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