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Makes the random name generator use realistic names based on predefined lists.

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The game's built-in name generator is cute, but it's also nice to have realistic names. I had a list of female and male names from the USA Census, so I thought to use them as a replacement.

By default, this mod replaces the random name generators with common male and female names from the USA Census (>1000 names each).

The names lists are customizable though, so you can replace them or add lists for your own language. Simply create txt files in the mod's assets folder, named as follows:

names_<localestring>.txt (optional non-binary list)

with one name per line (no empty lines!), then set the config value LocaleString to your <localestring>.

I made an example Norse option just for fun.

If you set NeutralNameGender to "male" or "female" it will use that list for non-gender-specific naming (all animals).

Setting RealNamesForAnimals to false turns off this mod for everything but human babies.

The default files are:


and since there is no non-binary option, it combines the male and female lists for non-gender-specific names. has reasonable sized lists for different origins (that's where I got the Norse names from, thanks!).

Requires SMAPI, uses Harmony.

Compatible with Mod Updater for automatic updates.

Code is at