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Converts the combat system into a cuddling system!

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This mod attempts turn Stardew Valley into a more peaceful place by removing deadly violence from the game.


  • Replaces all weapons with hearts, feathers, stuffed animals, and other non-violent love devices
  • Replaces attacking with kissing and heart emoting (some monsters are hard to love, still working on it)
  • Replaces gore with hearts (still not 100%)
  • Replaces monster death with monster falling in love with farmer (constant heart emoting, no hurting farmers) - you still get experience, rep, and loot from your new friends!
  • Replaces as much violent text as I could find with cuddly alternatives - slay quests, weapon descriptions, etc.


  • This mod makes no guarantee that the game will be 100% free of violence, death, torture, or dismemberment, but I'm happy to patch it if you find residual deadliness in the game.
  • This mod also doesn't change any interactions with non-monster NPCs, but they seem nice enough.
  • It also doesn't fix the genocidal arcade game, nor does it take out the vicious massacre of fish and ocean life.

To avoid the barbaric act of fish-hooking, try Here Fishy.


The following config values are adjustable by editing the config.json file that is created on first play after installing this mod:

  • MillisecondsPerLove: adjusts the kiss speed (formerly attack speed). Default: 200 (200ms per kiss)
  • DeviceSpeedFactor: adjusts how much each love device's inherent speed affects the actual kissing speed. Default: 2
  • AreaOfKissEffectModifier: adds range to kissing action. Default: 10 (10 pixels bigger hitbox)
  • PreventUnlovedMonsterDamage: prevents monsters that haven't yet fallen in love with the farmer from hurting them (this actually just turns off all farmer damage, I think). Default: false
  • LovedMonstersStillSwarm: allows loved monsters to move towards the player as normal. Default: false
  • MonstersIgnorePlayer: causes monsters to never react to the player. Default: false

Known Issues

  • Hit box is still weird when loving some monsters
  • Not all gore has been replaced, I'll try and look into why that is
  • Some of the love devices may still not fit in their category (heart, feather, plush toy)

Code is at

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.

A list of all my mods for Stardew Valley is available at