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This customizable mod greatly expands the range of items received in fishing treasure chests and adds coins to chest rewards.

Permissions and credits
Note: This mod requires the Advanced Loot Framework mod to be installed.

This mod makes fishing chest loot fully customizable, via the config.json file created when you first run the mod. Here is the default config.json created:

  "EnableMod": true,
  "VanillaLootChance": 0
  "ChanceForTreasureChest": -1.0,
  "MaxItems": 5,
  "ItemsBaseMaxValue": 40,
  "MinItemValue": 20,
  "MaxItemValue": -1,
  "CoinBaseMin": 20,
  "CoinBaseMax": 100,
  "IncreaseRate": 0.2,
  "ItemListChances": {
    "MeleeWeapon": 100,
    "Shirt": 0,
    "Pants": 0,
    "Hat": 0,
    "Boots": 100,
    "BigCraftable": 100,
    "Ring": 100,
    "Seed": 100,
    "Mineral": 100,
    "Relic": 100,
    "Cooking": 0,
    "Fish": 0,
    "BasicObject": 0

Basic Use

VanillaLootChance (0 - 100) is the percent chance to include what would ordinarily be in a fishing chest on top of what this mod adds (not including Qi beans, which are calculated separately) .

ChanceForTreasureChest (0 - 100) is the percent chance a fishing catch will include a chest, before factoring in luck. Set to -1 to use vanilla chance.

MaxItems means the maximum number of items per chest.

ItemsBaseMaxValue is the max combined value of all items in a chest for a fish of difficulty 1.

Min and max values refer to allowed item values and base coin amounts.

IncreaseRate adjusts how valuable more difficult fish are. Higher means more value per difficulty. (1.0 means linear increase in value per difficulty).

Detailed Explanation

An item list is created when the game starts, containing all the types in ItemListTypes. It will only add items that have a value between the MinItemValue and MaxItemValue.

If you set MinItemValue or MaxItemValue to 0 or less, they are disabled.

When the player catches a fishing chest, this mod determines the chest's total item value based on the formula:

(ItemsBaseMaxValue * fish difficulty)^IncreaseRate

ItemsBaseMaxValue is the maximum gold the treasure can be worth at difficulty 1. IncreaseRate determines how much this ceiling scales based on difficulty.

Coin rewards are determined similarly, but are also randomized based on the min and max above.

Items are chosen for the chest randomly until a) the items' total value reaches the chest's calculated max value minus MinItemValue (making another addition impossible), or b) the list of all possible items has been exhausted.

You can change the base chance of a treasure chest appearing (default 0.15 or 15%) by setting BaseChanceForTreasureChest to a positive decimal between 0 and 1.

ItemListChances determines the chance that an item type can be placed in the chest once it is selected at random as a potential item. The number is a percent chance, so 0 means that type of item will never be allowed to be in a chest, and 100 means it will always be added.

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Requires SMAPI, uses Harmony.

Compatible with Mod Updater for automatic updates.

Code is at

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.

A list of all my mods for Stardew Valley is available at