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Allows you to hatch and grow five different types of familiars to help you and keep you company.

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Familiar Types

There are five types of familiar at the moment:

Dust - a Dust Sprite familiar
  • is bouncy
  • squeaks
  • destroys rocks
  • steals stuff from monsters

Dino - a Pepper Rex familiar
  • is swol
  • breathes fire at monsters

Bat - a Bat familiar
  • flappy
  • squeaky
  • bites monsters

Junimo - a Junimo Familiar
  • cuddly
  • meepy
  • heals owner's health and stamina periodically when nearby

Butterfly - a Butterfly Familiar
  • floppy
  • floaty
  • gives owner a random buff periodically when nearby

  • Familiars default to following their owners everywhere you go, warping when you warp. They are invincible (though explosives might kill them).
  • Familiars start out tiny and grow every day they exist until they get very big.
  • Familiars start out very weak but gain experience every time they use their abilities and slowly get stronger.
  • You can stop a familiar from following you if you have a Slime Hutch. When you are in the Slime Hutch, click on the familiar and it will stay put.
  • To summon all familiars to you, type SummonFamiliars or SF in the console.
  • To dispel (destroy) all familiars in the current location, type DispelFamiliars or DF or in the console.

Getting Familiars (The Official Way)

To acquire a familiar, you need to incubate and hatch a familiar egg in the Slime Incubator.

Getting familiar eggs is not an easy task! Read here if you want hints on how to get them. Read here if you want explicit instructions.

Once you have the egg, place it in the Slime Incubator and wait.

For Cheaters

To directly summon a familiar if you have enabled cheats in the config file, you need to use the SMAPI console. Just click on the console and type the following:

CF <FamiliarType>

where <FamiliarType> is one of "Bat", "Dino", "Dust", "Junimo", or "BF".

So to call a bat familiar, type:

CF Bat

then press Enter.

To get a Familiar Egg, you can use CJB Item Spawner.


You can colour your familiars as well or set custom texture paths (useful for Content Patcher packs) using the config file. There are colourable textures in the mod's asset folder for all except the Junimo and Butterfly. If you want to use them, just set the following values in the config file:

  "BatTexture": "Characters/Monsters/BatFamiliar",
  "DinoTexture": "Characters/Monsters/DinoFamiliar",
  "DustTexture": "Characters/Monsters/DustSpiritFamiliar",
  "BatColorType": "custom",
  "DinoColorType": "custom",
  "DustColorType": "custom",

and then edit the color values in the config as you like (they are in RGBA 0-255 notation). You can also set the ColorType entries to "random" and each familiar will get random coloring, according to the following:

There are up to four colours per familiar, one main colour that replaces greys with shades of that color, and three colours that replace pure red, green, and blue in the texture files.

For Junimo, there is only one colour, mainColor. Setting JunimoColorType to "default" uses the game's default set of random Junimo colors. Setting it to "random" makes the Junimo's color truly random. Setting it to "custom" makes it use the JunimoMainColor config setting.

Future Plans

  • Make a familiar call whistle.
  • Implement feeding.


Requires SMAPI and JSON Assets. Uses Harmony.

Apparently does not work well in multiplayer.

Compatible with Mod Updater for automatic updates.

Code is at

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.

A list of all my mods for Stardew Valley is available at