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Removes the vanilla pet bowl from the map and adds six unique craftable, interactive pet bowls to the game.

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This mod converts the map-based pet bowl into a real object that you can place where ever you like. It adds recipes for six different pet bowls:

From left to right: copper, diamond, gold, iridium, prismatic, and wooden pet bowls.

Each recipe costs 10 of its respective material to craft.

A wooden pet bowl is added to the farm on starting a new game.

If you are adding this to an existing game, no bowl will be added by default and your pet will start their day at the default pet location without a pet bowl until you add one.

If you add more than one pet bowl to the farm, your pet will start their day at a random bowl.

Putting water in any pet bowl on the farm gives the water bonus for your pet.

The nearest pet bowl to your pet will be emptied when your pet drinks in the morning.

On rainy days, pet bowls will all be filled up.

You can right click on pet bowls and if they are full they will make little splashy noises.

This mod makes edits to the farm map tile sheet, because not only is the pet bowl a part of the buildings layer, it's also pasted onto the back layer. If you are using a custom outdoor tile sheet, the place where the bowl was might look odd.

Also check out Moveable Mailbox.


Requires SMAPI and JSON Assets; uses Harmony.

Compatible with Mod Updater for automatic updates.

Code is at

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