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Allows you to craft and place mine shafts in the same way as you can place staircases.

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This mod simply adds a placeable mine shaft to the game that works similar to the placeable staircase. You can configure the crafting parameters as follows:

  • ShaftCost: this string tells the game what and how much resources are needed to craft (default: "390 200" - 390 is the code for stone, 200 is the amount). If you want to change the type of resource required, see the raw data here for the resource codes.
  • SkillReq: this string tells the game what skill and level are required to build the mine shaft (default: "Mining 6")

The other optional config parameters affect what happens when you jump into a mine shaft:

  • PercentDamage: affects the amount of damage you take when falling, which is normally levelsDown * 3 (default: 100 i.e. no change)
  • PercentLevels: affects the number of levels you fall, which is normally 3 - 8 but has some quirks (default: 100 i.e. no change)
  • PreventGoingToSkullCave: prevents a mine shaft dropped in the mine from taking you to Skull Cavern if you fall beyond level 120 (default: true)
  • SkipConfirmOnShaftJump: skips the confirmation dialogue when you click on a mine shaft (default: [b]false/b])

You'll need to install SMAPI to run this mod:

Then place this mod in your Mods directory and unzip it.

Code is at