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Removes a lot of the randomness relating to loot drops in the Journey of the Prairie King arcade game.

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This mod doesn't remove ALL random elements from Journey of the Prairie King. Most especially, it doesn't affect enemy spawn rates which can be quite stochastic.

What it does do is try and turn the randomness in loot drops into orderly sequences. The sequence in which a value occurs is created randomly at the beginning of the game, but it is sequential from then on. I'm not a mathematician, so I'm probably not explaining this right, but here's an example:

Suppose in the vanilla game an orc (the first monster type) is going to drop a coin. It gives a one percent chance of that coin being a 5-coin. If I'm not totally out-to-lunch, that means you will get an average of one 5-coin for every 100 coins an orc drops. With this mod, you should actually get one 5-coin for every 100 coins an orc drops, every game (which of the 100 coins will be a 5-coin is randomly determined at the beginning of each game). This sort of change has been applied to every chance relating to loot, so you should get fairly consistent difficulty every time you play the game.

tl;dr: This mod makes Journey of the Prairie King loot drops mostly consistently average each game.

In testing, I did end up with a lot of coins at the end, so I'm not sure if something's wrong or if I'm just wrong about how probability works. It didn't feel much easier or harder though, apart from that.

I made this mod because I don't really want to cheat at the mini-game, but I hate hate hate meaningless RNG.


Requires SMAPI. Uses Harmony.

Compatible with Mod Updater for automatic updates.

Code is at

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