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Lets you set custom furniture or X,Y coordinates for indoor and outdoor pet sleeping locations.

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This mod makes pets sleep and wake up where you choose, either by specifying a furniture name, or an X,Y tile location.

For a pet bed designed to be used with this mod, see DGA Pet Bed mod.

Config variables are as follows:

  •   "EnableMod": true,
  •   "IsBed": true, - lets you walk through pets while they are sleeping
  •   "BedChance": 100, - chance a pet will sleep on the custom bed
  •   "IndoorBedName": "Pet Bed", - name of furniture to sleep on indoors (or X,Y tile coordinates)
  •   "OutdoorBedName": "Pet Bed", - name of furniture to sleep on outdoors (or X,Y tile coordinates)
  •   "IndoorBedOffset": "0,0", - indoor pixel offset coordinates from corner of furniture / tile coordinates
  •   "OutdoorBedOffset": "0,0", - outdoor pixel offset coordinates from corner of furniture / tile coordinates

Multiple furniture types can be specified, separated using semi-colons, e.g. "IndoorBedName": "Ped Bed;Pet Rug;15,15". A random bed from the list will be assigned if found.

Bed names can be prefixed with the pet's name and a colon to only allow for a certain pet (if you have a mod with multiple pets), e.g.: "IndoorBedName": "Buffy:Buffy Bed".

For Dynamic Game Assets furniture, you can use the furniture id without the mod name. E.g. Pet Bed for aedenthorn.PetBedDGA/Pet Bed.

If more than one furniture with the specified name exists, a random one will be chosen.

If a piece of furniture with the specified name is not found, vanilla sleeping rules apply.

If the bed name is in the format X,Y where X and Y are integers, the pet will be placed on the corresponding tile.

Pixel offsets let you shift the pet from the given tile's position.

You can edit all the config variables using Generic Mod Config Menu, or editing the config.json file.


Requires SDV 1.5.5+

Requires SMAPI, uses Harmony.

Compatible with Mod Updater for automatic updates.

Code is at

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.

A list of all my mods for Stardew Valley is available at