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Highly customizable coin collector framework, including a metal detector.

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This mod adds a new gameplay mechanic to Stardew Valley - coin collection!

Every day, the mod randomly buries coins in diggable locations around Stardew Valley. Coins can be dug up with the hoe.

To find coins, purchase a metal detector from Pierre's store and equip it. When you are near a coin, it will beep. The beeps will become louder and higher pitched as you approach the coin.

There is also a green indicator pointing the direction to the nearest coin.


You can configure the following variables by editing the mod's config.json file (created in Mods\CoinCollector after running the game once):

"EnableMod": true,  - set to false to disable the mod
"BlipAudioPath": "assets/blip.wav",  - change to switch to your own blip sound file
"BlipAudioVolume": 1.0,  - audio volume multiplier
"BlipAudioIncreasePitch": true,  - increase blip pitch when closer to coin
"RequireMetalDetector": true,  - if set to false, you don't have to equip the metal detector to detect coins
"MetalDetectorID": "MetalDetector",   - DGA id for metal detector
"RequireMetalDetectorSwing": false,  - if set to true, blips will only occur when you swing the metal detector like a weapon
"EnableIndicator": true,  - set to false to turn off the green dot showing the way
"SecondsPerPoll": 1,  - wait this many seconds per blip
"MapHasCoinsChance": 0.5,  - chance between 0 and 1 fo each map to have coins
"MinCoinsPerMap": 1,
"MaxCoinsPerMap": 5,
"IndicatorSprite": 7,  - which projectile sprite to use for the indicator
"IndicatorLength": 3.0,  - indicator tail length
"IndicatorSpeed": 10.0,  - indicator movement speed
"LuckFactor": 0.1,  - multiplier for player's luck level, adds more coins per map
"MaxPixelPingDistance": 800.0  - max distance in pixels to detect coins


This mod is just a framework, and doesn't contain any coins itself. Click here for a beginner coin pack with a set of four Yoba coins.

This mod uses Dynamic Game Assets to create coins and the metal detector. It is a requirement.

This mod also requires SDV 1.5.5 and SMAPI 3.13 or greater.

Creating New Coins

To create your own coin set, check out my Yoba coin pack. It has two parts, one for creating the coin objects using DGA, and the other for telling this mod about them.

Your Coin Collector content pack should be similar to mine, just change the details in manifest.json, and create your own content.json. The entries in content.json's data field look like this:

            "id": "aedenthorn.YobaCoinPackDGA/YobaIridium",
            "setName": "Yoba",
            "rarity": 0.05,
            "isDGA": true,
            "parentSheetIndex": -1,

If isDGA is set to true, it ignores the parentSheetIndex field, and the id should be the DGA packID/ObjectID. If you want to create a diggable treasure from a vanilla asset, set isDGA to false and add the object's parentSheetIndex and it will ignore the id field.

rarity is relative - coins with lower rarity number have less chance to be buried relative to higher rarity number.

setName doesn't do anything yet, but might open up the possibility of achievements or something.

locations is a list of location names where the coin can spawn. Leave it empty or omit this field to allow the coin to spawn anywhere.


Requires SMAPI and Dynamic Game Assets, uses Harmony.

Compatible with Mod Updater for automatic updates.

Code is at https://github.com/aedenthorn/StardewValleyMods.

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.

A list of all my mods for Stardew Valley is available at https://www.nexusmods.com/stardewvalley/articles/895.