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Allows you to have multiple spouses, kisses, pregnancies, spouse rooms, etc.

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This mod is being retired with SDV 1.5.4. For SDV 1.5.5 and greater, please use my new Free Love mod.

Mod Features:


  • Lets you marry villagers when you're already married.
  • Lets you date villagers when you're already married.
  • Lets you have a roommate and spouse(s) at the same time.
  • Lets you date non-datable adult villagers (limited and experimental).
  • Lets you have amicable or complex divorces with all of your spouses.
  • Lets you buy mermaid pendants from the Old Mariner when married and even when it's not raining.
  • Lets you buy a void pendant even when married.


  • Randomly chooses spouses to be outdoor spouses, bed spouses, and kitchen spouses each day.
  • Randomly lets spouses go to their outdoor patios on non-patio days.
  • Lets you kiss all of your spouses as many times per day as you like, because seriously.
  • Lets your spouses kiss each other.
  • Lets you have children with roommates.
  • Replaces kissing dwop sounds with realistic, 3D spatial kissing sounds
  • Lets your non-official spouses optionally retain their ordinary dialogue as well as spouse dialogue.
  • Lets you customize certain spouse dialogue strings for each spouse that weren't customizable before (see below).


  • Lets you have multiple pregnancies with individual spouses.
  • Lets you have more than two children.
  • Lets your children have the same hair colouring as their NPC parent (works with custom NPC spouses and roommates, but not with hats!).

Farm House & Farm:

  • Lets you add spouse rooms for every spouse in a row next to the original spouse room, with decoratable hall tiles in between them.
  • Lets you make your bed bigger and have your spouses sleep spread out throughout it at night (pic above).
  • Lets you make the bed covers transparent so you can actually see the cute pajamas.
  • Lets you and your spouses sleep on top of the covers and show off them pajamas.
  • Lets you extend the children's room, add/remove cribs, and interact with multiple babies in separate cribs.
  • Supports multiple and custom spouse patio configurations using Custom Spouse Patio mod.


  • Causes your existing spouses to stand with you during marriages and optionally wear their wedding clothes (experimental)
  • Lets you ask any spouse to dance at the flower dance.
  • Prevents the fortune teller from talking smack about your romantic inclinations, making them say nice things about your top four romances instead.
  • Lets spouse-based events trigger for all spouses.
  • Makes your official spouse happy instead of jealous when you give gifts to other romantic interests (if they find out).
  • Alters jealousy-based group events to have a happy outcome.


  • This mod makes a lot of changes to SDV and has some bugs that I may or may not be able to fix. If you want help, please visit my Discord server, it's just easier that way. If you're going to post a bug report, please create log files and post links to log files (don't paste log text into the bug report).

  • The game has two separate ways of checking for spouses: 1) asking who a farmer's spouse is, and 2) asking whether a given NPC is the farmer's spouse. Where it asks the former, there can only be one spouse, so I've tried to replace or work around such requests. There are still instances where it matters who the "official spouse" is - most noticeably regarding who's spouse room is shown by default in the spouse room area. Also many mods seem to prefer the first method (you can bug mod authors to choose the second method; tell them I sent you ;) ). Anyway:

  • In order to switch which spouse is your official spouse, give a bouquet to a non-official spouse.

    The bouquet won't be consumed. Also, it won't work if you are engaged, since the fiancé(e) needs to be the official spouse until after the wedding. 

  • Some vanilla marriage dialogue will be repetitive. For example, on Fall 15, every female spouse will ask "Have you figured out what you're going to use for our grange display tomorrow?" You can fix this if you add a fall_15 entry to MarriageDialoguePenny, for example. Some dialogue strings are hard-coded though, to the extent that they can't be individualized for each spouse. Worse, some of them are chosen pseudo-randomly but will be the same for each spouse on a given day. I've changed those to be fully random per spouse, and opened up the hard-coded marriage dialogue strings for you to edit. I've created an article with the strings you can add to your spouses' MarriageDialogue<Name> file overrides here TODO
  • Giving pendants while engaged has been disabled (the receiver will reject the offer), because this interferes with the process of gaining a new spouse. Wait until after the marriage to propose!

  • This mod doesn't work very well in multiplayer.

Config Settings:

All of these settings can be changed by opening this mod's config.json file (created in Mods\MultipleSpouses\ the first time you load the game with this mod installed) with a text editor and changing the values from their defaults. To reset to default, just delete that file. Given values are the defaults.


  • "EnableMod": true, - set to false to completely disable this mod


  • "BuyPendantsAnytime": false, - causes the Old Mariner to appear even when it's not raining
  • "MinPointsToMarry": 2500, - friendship points needed to marry (250 points per heart), reject dialogue is different below 60% of this value
  • "MinPointsToDate": 2000, - friendship points needed to date (250 points per heart), reject dialogue is different below 50% of this value
  • "DaysUntilMarriage": 3, - how many days between proposal and wedding (barring any events on that date (min 1 day)
  • "AllSpousesWearMarriageClothesAtWeddings": false, - causes existing spouses to wear their wedding clothes at subsequent marriages
  • "FriendlyDivorce": true, - divorce maintains spouse hearts and sets status to "friendly" rather than "divorced".
  • "ComplexDivorce": true, - allows you to specify the details of the divorce, affecting hearts and money lost, and resulting friendship status.
  • "PreventHostileDivorces": false - setting this to true removes any existing hostile divorces.
  • "RoommateRomance": true, - allows you to kiss and have children with your roommate (yes, they will have black hair).
  • "RomanceAllVillagers": false, - allows you to romance non-datable adult or teen friends, but this doesn't give them any spouse data and is very experimental.


  • "PercentChanceForSpouseInBed": 25, - chance that a spouse will be in bed when you wake up (they must have a sleeping animation).
  • "PercentChanceForSpouseInKitchen": 25, - chance for each spouse to be chosen as the kitchen spouse (one per day).
  • "PercentChanceForSpouseAtPatio": 25, - chance for each spouse without a schedule to go to their patio (if day permits).
  • "MaxGiftsPerDay": 1, - number of gifts you can give each of your spouses per day (-1 means no limit)
  • "RemoveSpouseOrdinaryDialogue": false, - set true to prevent spouses from using non-spouse dialogue.
  • "MinHeartsForKiss": 9, - minimum hearts for spouses to be happy when you kiss them, and for spouses to kiss each other.
  • "UnlimitedDailyKisses": true, - allows farmer to kiss spouses as many times per day as they want.
  • "AllowSpousesToKiss": true, - allow spouses to kiss each other
  • "SpouseKissChance": 0.5, - chance per second of a kiss happening between two spouses
  • "RealKissSound": true, - use a real kissing sound (3D spatial for spouse-to-spouse)
  • "MaxDistanceToKiss": 200.0, - max distance spouses can be in order to kiss each other (in pixels)
  • "MinSpouseKissInterval": 5.0, - min seconds between spouses kissing each other


  • "BabyRequestChance": 0.05, - chance per night for each spouse asking for a baby (1.0 = 100%, only one request per night)
  • "AllowGayPregnancies": True, - Cause same-sex couples to become pregnant rather than adopt.
  • "FemaleBabyChance": 0.5, - Chance a baby is female (1.0 = 100%)
  • "PregnancyDays": 14, - How long a pregnancy lasts (days)
  • "MaxChildren": 2, - Maximum number of children (-1 means no limit)
  • "ChildrenHaveHairOfSpouse": true, - Causes children to have the same hair colouring as their NPC spouse (overrides custom baby textures)
  • "ChildGrowthMultiplier": 1, - number of days of growth per child per day (must be a whole number)
  • "ShowParentNames": true, - Shows the NPC parent name of a child in parenthesis after their display name

Farm House

  • "DisableCustomSpousesRooms": false, - prevents this mod from affecting spouse rooms entirely.
  • "BuildAllSpousesRooms": true, - causes each spouse to get a spouse room
  • "SpouseRoomOrder": "", - the order from left to right of spouse rooms to be shown, comma-separated, e.g. "Haley,Emily"
  • "SpouseSleepOrder": "", - the order from left to right of spouse positions in the bed, comma-separated, e.g. "Haley,Emily"
  • "ExistingSpouseRoomOffsetX": 0, - tile x offset of your custom farmhouse's spouse room.
  • "ExistingSpouseRoomOffsetY": 0, - tile y offset of your custom farmhouse's spouse room.
  • "CustomBed": true, - rebuild the farm bed to make it wider and let you to walk on the pillows (overrides any custom bed textures).
  • "BedWidth": 3, - set the width of the custom bed in tiles (min is 3, max is 7 for first house upgrade and 9 for second house upgrade)
  • "SheetTransparency": 1.0, - (custom bed only) opacity of bed sheets (1.0 = 100% non-transparent, 0 means completely transparent, to look like they sleep on top of them).
  • "ExtraKidsRoomWidth": 0, - set this to a positive integer to extend the kids room to the right by this many tiles. Note, this now conflicts with a new "corner room" upgrade  in SDV 1.5. If you want that room, don't set this.
  • "ExtraCribs": 0, - Adds extra cribs to the kids' room (may be broken)
  • "ExistingKidsRoomOffsetX": 0, - If using a custom farmhouse, this might help when extending the kids' room.
  • "ExistingKidsRoomOffsetY": 0, - If using a custom farmhouse, this might help when extending the kids' room.

Please post bug reports if this mod breaks your game, and make sure to include a SMAPI log link from the SMAPI site.


  • This mod now recognizes TMXL Map Toolkit spouse rooms of custom NPCs (thanks kdau!). Nothing special needs to be done; let me know if your custom NPC room doesn't show up.
  • It now works with TMXL furniture, as long as it's not in places that are being altered by the mod (e.g. the kids room if you're altering it).
  • It duplicates the functionality of Keep Your Partners.
  • It appears to work with Pregnancy Role.
  • It probably plays well with simple Content Patcher mods. Content Patcher mods that change the way babies look will cause all babies to look like that parent, irrespective of whether that parent was involved. Either turn off those overrides in that mod, or turn on this mod's ChildrenHaveHairOfSpouse setting (on by default) to override those overrides.
  • There is a high probability it breaks anything else touching spouses or pregnancies.
  • If you are using a custom farm house, you may need to disable the BuildAllSpousesRooms and CustomBed options.
  • I hear the spouse rooms work okay with Bathroom after 2nd House Upgrade.
  • Let me know if you find it is compatible with any specific spouse-related mod, please.


Requires SMAPI, uses Harmony.

Compatible with Mod Updater for automatic updates.

Code is at

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.

A list of all my mods for Stardew Valley is available at