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Adds more information to the HUD about the currently targeted object. Such as ingredients, weapon effects, potions, read books, v/w, enemy level, etc

Permissions and credits
moreHUD VR

Compatible with SkyrimVR 1.4.15 and SKSE64 VR Build 2.0.12 and greater

This mod adds HUD information that Skyrim has been severely lacking.
This mod display information about an object that the player is targeting.

I always found it annoying that in order to get more information about the object I had to:
  1. Pick up the item
  2. Open the Inventory
  3. Find the item in the inventory
  4. Look at the stats

Now I can target an object such as a weapon, piece of armor, or an ingredient and see information about the object.

In addition, I can see what my carry weight is so I no longer have to guess to find out later that I am carrying too much.

The follow Items have been added to the HUD:
  1. Carry Weight and Max Carry Weight (Only when targeting something that can be picked up or harvested)
  2. Player's Gold (Only when targeting something that can be picked up or harvested)
  3. Current Weapon Damage and Difference (Only when targeting a weapon)
  4. Current Armor Rating and Difference (Only when targeting armor)
  5. Known Ingredient Effects (Only when targeting ingredients or flora)
  6. The number of the targeted items that the player already has in his/her inventory (Only when targeting something that can be picked up or harvested and when the item exists in the inventory)
  7. An icon for books already read
  8. Enchantments for weapons and armor
  9. Effects for other spell items such as scrolls, spell tomes, and staves
  10. Armor weight class
  11. Skill book skill prior to reading
  12. Value to weight ratio
  13. Shrine Blessings from Shrines
  14. Added enemy level indicator
  15. Known Enchantment Indicator

MCM Options
  1. Enable or disable different widgets
  2. Show Enemy Level and soul level (non-sentient)

1. This Mod Requires SKSE64 (VR Build) Version 2.0.12 or Greater found here.
2. Skyrim VR Version 1.4.15
3. VR Address Library for SKSEVR (Starting with version 1.1.0)

1. It is recommended that you use SkyUI for VR so that you can modify the MCM settings.

It is recommended that you download and install with your mod manager of choice

Note: Skyrim VR handles asset load ordering differently. Any assets that were added specifically for the Skyrim VR built by Bethesda are loaded AFTER user mods assets packaged in bsa files. Therefore the files that are overwritten by this mod that are VR specific are installed as loose files. Credit for this information goes to aers here Thanks!.

The papyrus scripting is very light. Most of the code implementation is in the SKSE plugin and the SWF files that is included with this mod. The papyrus scripting is only used for passing parameters to the widgets. There are no OnUpdate events.

In theory, It is safe to remove this mod at any time. since there are no Update Events and very lightweight scripting and most of the logic is in the SKSE plugin. However, The best practice with any mod is to keep it installed.

In order for this mod to work in VR, the vanilla Activate Rollover swf had to be modified because the vanilla stage size was too small to fit all of the moreHUD data. So this mod would be incompatible with any mods that modifies 'Data\Interface\vr\activaterollover.swf'. Currently I am not aware of any mods that modify this file.

Known Issues
1. Sometimes the total armor rating does not match the vanilla's armor rating found in the inventory menu by 1. I suspect there is a rounding issues with the vanilla's display value. The value that this mod displays DOES equal to the total armor rating for all the equipped armor, so who knows.

2. There appears to be a bug in the vanilla game that calculates bow damage as (bow damage + bolt damage) when there are bolts equipped (DG). Obviously, this is not correct and this mod's calculation does not do that an therefore will not match the vanilla's

3. Also, when targeting a bow, and the player has a crossbow equipped, the vanilla game calculates the weapon difference using the following formula (targeted bow damage + (equipped bolt damage (* 2?)) - (equipped crossbow damage + equipped bolt damage). So this mod does not do that either

4. The weight for unharvested ingredients is not displayed because I have not found a reliable way of predicting how many ingredients the flora or tree will yield when using leveled lists (Harvest Overhaul). I may look into this later.

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  1. The SKSE Team
  2. The SkyUI Team
  3. expired6978 for some decoding help
  4. Those that help with finding bugs!
  5. And of course, Bethesda!