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SKSE plugin for Skyrim that makes recipes useful by allowing the player to automatically learn ingredient effects when reading recipes and corrects all recipes to show the correct ingredients.

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Inspired from Learn Ingredients by MMX452, this mod takes an SKSE approach that works for all recipes with no need for patching!


  • Automatically learn ingredient effects when reading recipes
  • Corrects all recipes to show the correct ingredients if the ingredient(s) is misspelled (ex: Sabre Cat Eyeball becomes Eye Of Sabre Cat) or if the ingredient doesn't actually fit the recipe (ex: Imp Eye Stool in a resist shock potion recipe doesn't have resist shock effect, gets changed to closest ingredient that does have resist shock)
  • Compatible with both Skyrim VR and Skyrim Special Edition
  • Work for any recipe, not just vanilla ones!
  • Leaves no lasting changes on save. Install/Uninstall/Update anytime


Should be compatible with everything. Recipe texts have to follow the format that vanilla skyrim recipes use, as this mod parses the text directly.
Example format:

XXX Potion/Poison

~Ingredient Name

~Ingredient Name

Known Issues:

- Likely won't work very well with other languages besides English. This mod works by parsing the recipe text and matching the text to ingredients and potions directly.


- RapidFuzz (
- DylanJames for extensive testing of alpha versions, keeping this mod bug-free :)
- DylanJames for the amazing images/thumbnails for this modpage
- Sswaye for the video showcase (sorry for the last minute name change!). Check out Sswaye's reshade!

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