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About this mod

SKSE plugin for dynamic replacement of in-game text/strings. Compatible with SE, AE and VR.

Permissions and credits

  • Replaces existing game strings with new ones defined in JSON files
  • ESP/ESM/ESL version independent text replacement
  • Primarily designed for translations generated via SSE Auto Translator


  • JSON-configuration works similar to the ESP/ESM/ESL-plugin list
  • Within SKSE\Plugins\DynamicStringDistributor, create a folder named after the ESP/ESM/ESL you want to create replacements for (e.g. SKSE\Plugins\DynamicStringDistributor\skyrim.esm)
  • Inside each of those folders you can put JSON files following this scheme with any name 
  • JSON files are only loaded from the folder if the corresponding plugin is in your active plugin list
  • Conflicting strings in plugin folders overwrite each other depending on the load order of the respective plugins.
  • There's also an Overwrite folder (SKSE\Plugins\DynamicStringDistributor\Overwrite). JSON entries in there will win all conflicts.
  • Conflicting strings inside of a plugin folder overwrite each other alphabetically.
  • Use SSE Auto Translator for automation
  • If there is a problem with a JSON file, you will see it in the DynamicStringDistributor.log file.


Works on:
  • SE - 1.5.97
  • AE - 1.6.640, 1.6.1130, 1.6.1170 + GOG
  • VR - MergeMapper support included

Description Framework:
  • Yes, but BOOK CNAM will conflict if both plugins try to add CNAM to the same book. In this unlikely case the string defined in the Dynamic String Distributor json is shown. All the other descriptions work fine together.

  • Yes, but full name changes will conflict if both plugins try to add it to same item. In this unlikely case the string defined in SkyPatcher INI is shown.

  • Fully compatible


What's the point?

  • This mod is mainly intended to make translations independent from plugins. This reduces the effort of updating the translations after every small plugin update. The automation provided by SSE Auto Translator makes the whole process even easier.

Which files are supported?

  • Esp/esm/esl files. In general strings to which a record type can be assigned are supported.


  • Suggestions and contributions are welcome

Nightfallstorm, SeaSparrow, Fenix, meatdeath and Sylennus for answering my questions
Nightfallstorm and po3 for some hooks
Wuerfelhusten for idea
Cutleast for thumbnail and esp2dsd