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About this mod

remake Knee Fix into a dll edition
and supports NPCs and user setting
Also corrects bones that move to some wrong positions by weird animation

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What kind mod?

that outfit is Gray Raven Ayla Outfit

This solving old knee problem in skyrim
and additionally solves other skeleton joint problems

What is the difference compared to other mods like Knee Fix (Prototype) and Knee Fix Redux  before?

1. Remake papyrus script into a dll edition so Improved speed and game performance
2. Support NPCs
3. Support various user config (you can look at the skse/plugins/MuJointFix.ini file)
4. Improved calculation formula for knee
5. Support correction height for feet are not buried
6. Added feature that fixing the wrong anus bones (twisted anus) by animation
7. Some bug fix

2.0.0 is available right now!
migration to commonlib-NG
so one dll file can support SE/VR/AE

all code has been refactored so the bugs have decreased a lot
and Improved compatibility with other high heel offset mods

Added new feature in 1.3.x!!

Add fix wrist feature that fixes ugly wrist due to incorrect bone rotation in some animations

also add fix Butt feature that fixes flattening butt cheeks
but it's nsfw image so please check out in the in-game

Added new feature in 1.2.x!!

this clothes is BDOR Marnist

added feature that prevents floating on ground when lying down due to high heel
You can enable AutoHighheel (edit AutoHighheel value to 1) in SKSE/Plugins/MuJointFix.ini and use this feature


For SE/AE user
Address Library for SE/AE

For VR user
Address Library for VR


Check if your SKSE version is a supported version

just install this with mod manager
or throw MuJointFix.dll and MuJointFix.ini files in the SKSE/Plugins

If you're already using Knee Fix (Prototype) or Knee Fix Redux
1. load the your save file
2. go to the magic menu and find the knee fix spell
3. toggle to disable the knee fix feature with knee fix spell
4. game save and exit
5. delete that mod (If you try to preserve the save file as possible, you can skip this step)
6. install this mod and play that save file
and it would be good to clean the save file using FallrimTools

In SKSE/Plugins/MuJointFix.ini, you can set config

if legs look weird when bend legs like when using Better Female wrists hands ankles and leg ratio twists for XPMSSE
open the SKSE/Plugins/MuJointFix.ini and try reduce the Amount value of [FixKnee]


Knee Fix (Prototype)

Knee Fix Redux


All body mods and bodies
All humanoid NPCs and races
All animations
All edited skeletons

Known issues

Future Flan

Add feature that fix the flatten butt cheeks issue
Add feature that fix the broken wrist issue

wait are you want feature that fix to shoulders and arms?
No, I'm never going to do it
Fixing shoulders and arms are very difficult because it has complicated movements

I don't have plan for the LE version


SKSE team
My brain