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This mod is a SKSE plugin that distributes any potion, poisons, or fortify potions in the game to NPCs.
NPCs can use any potions, poisons or fortify potions they possess.
This also works for all player crafted items.
The mod is entirely script-free and thus performance friendly

Permissions and credits
NPCs use Potions

In Skyrim the player is able to use Potions and Poisons that are either obtained from NPCs or crafted by themselves. NPCs on the other hand are not able to.
This especially applies to potions, poisons and fortify potions crafted by the player and given to followers and allies. They simply cannot use these items given to them.
This mod addresses this very inconvenient issue, by letting NPCs use any potion, poison, food, or fortify potion.

|              Features    |


    • Script free and Performance friendly
    • NPCs use Magicka, Stamina, and Health potions in combat.
    • NPCs use Health potions outside of combat.
    • Potion cooldowns are respected, no potion spamming for NPCs!
    • NPCs use Fortification potions in combat.
    • NPCs are given the Perks AlchemySkillBoost and PerkSkillBoosts, which make fortification potions work.
    • NPCs poison their weapons in combat and will use any poison they possess.
    • NPCs will use food items and respect their cooldown.
    • Supports any alchemic items added by mods, or created by the player.
    • All of the above functions are optionally also supported for the player character.
    • Distribution of potions, poisons, fortify potions and food according to detailed and customisable rules.
    • All features are individually customisable and deactivatable

|      How does it work      |

NPCs are given potion, poisons, fortify potions, and food based on definable rules.

NPCs will use potions, poisons, etc. when they are fighting an enemy. Which items are consumed is based on the combat style of the NPC and their target. They will gain any buffs and debuffs their potions, poisons, or food provides them and will use it against you, or for you.

During combat it is periodically determined whether an NPC should take a potion. If so they will take a potion that suits their needs. If they have poisons in their inventory they will poison their weapons. Lastly they may use fortify potions such as "Fortify One-Handed" to enhance their combat skills.

Health, Stamina and Magicka potions are used when the respective value falls under a certain threshold.

NPCs will only use poisons against NPCs that have a high level (relative to the player) or when many NPCs are fighting. They will always try to use poisons that fit their enemy and their own combat style. I.e. They will only use Poisons that reduce elemental resistance, when the have a spell of that type equipped.

Fortify potions are split into two categories: Regeneration potions and Fortification potions. They have independent cooldowns, such that an NPC may have a Regenerate Magicka potion and a Fortify One-Handed active at the same time. Every NPC will only use potions that are beneficial to themselves, considering the equipped weapons, spells and armor. Every Fortification Effect in the game is supported.

Since version 3.0 NPCs will actively use any food they posses. They will choose whatever will give them the largest adventage, similar to fortification potions, or anything if they do not have anything beneficial to them.

Out of combat NPCs will use Health potions, for instance if they run into traps and are in danger of dying.

If you want to know more or would like to write Distribution rules, you can read the Article about the rules, or the documentation of this mod.

|      Distribution Rules      |
Since version 2.0 the mod includes a highly customisable distribution feature for Potions, Poisons, Fortify potions and Food.
There are a bunch of different rules pre-defined by this mod, that cover all base-game NPCs.

All potions, poisons and food that is in the game may be distributed to any NPCs according to the rule. This includes all items added by Mods.
The distribution takes the NPCs strength into acount: The stronger the enemy the more potions they will carry and the stronger the potions will be.
There are 24 unique Distribution rules for:
Draugr, Assasins, Bandits, Thalmor, Forsworn, Thieves, Nightingales, Hunters, Righteous Factions, Dawnguard, Vampires, RoyalVampire, Penitus Oculatus,
Caravans, Cultists, Civilians, Nobles, Poor, Carriage Drivers, Priests, Mages, Dremora, Falmer and Scum.
Every rule is made to only include items that such people would normally carry.
Vampires can carry Blood Potions.
Asssasins carry more and stronger Poisons.
The Poor will rarely carry anything.
Falmer will only carry items that can be crafted in their habitate.
You can easily define your own rules if you don't like mine.

The main features of the distribution engine are:
  • Definition of rules for NPCs, Keywords, Factions, Races, Classes and CombatStyles
  • Each rule contains probabilities for potions, poisons, fortify potions for different actor strengths.
  • A Default rule that is applied to everything that does not have a custom rule
  • complete exclusion of NPCs, Keywords, Factions and Races from distribution
  • Exclusion of NPCs, Keywords, Factions and Races from the default rule only (fall-through)
  • Actors are split into 5 different tiers according to use settings: Weak, Normal, Powerful, Insane and Boss
  • Npcs, Keywords, Factions and Races can be declared as bosses
Further information is available in this Article.

|         Item Removal         |

NPCs will always use potions and poisons they have in their inventory. But sometimes the player is able to kill them faster than they can use their potions due to the cooldowns. In this case the items remain in the Actors inventory and may destroy the economy of the game.
To prevent this from happening a removal function was integrated into this mod.
Upon death all potions, poisons, fortify potions and food items an actor possesses that exceed the defined (user settings) maximum number of items that may remain are immediately removed. Each remaining item is removed with a certain chance (user settings).
This allows you to customize the impact on the economy. But note that also items that would normally be dropped by certain actors are affected by this, since this feature runs after the actors death.

|    Console Commands   |
This mod comes with two console commands.
- shows the strength of the actor, the strength of items given to them, distribution rules are affecting them, and many more debug information.
- allows you to reload all configuration files, without restarting the game.

|          Compatibility          |

Potion Animation Mods
zxlice's ultimate potion animation - ZUPA    - compatible SE (ZUPA is SE exclusive)
Potion Animated fix (SE)       - compatible
  - automatic patch in dll included. Works perfectly for SE. May not work in some AE setups. Should work in most.
Animated Potion Drinking SE- compatible
  - the mod is identical to one above.
Animated Potions          - compatible with a patch provided in the fomod installer.
          - I suggest using version 4.3, since version 4.4 has problems with playing the animations.
Animated Poisons         - compatible with a patch provided in the fomod installer.

Alchemy Mods
Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul       - compatible
Apothecary    - compatible
Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments     
- compatible

Everything else

|       Reporting Bugs        |

Please report bugs in the Bug Section, to avoid crowding the forum unnecessarily. The bug section serves as a ticket system, which entries will be handled. 
The mod includes debug information used by Crash Logger. Providing such a crash log will suffice in most situations.
If it does not suffice to find the problem, I may ask you to provide me with a log generated by this mod, since it will show me directly were and under which circumstances the crash occurred (Log-level 4 would be best for crashes).
You can find the logfile in Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\SKSE\NPCsUsePotions.log
EnableLog = true
EnableLoadLog = true
LogLevel = 4
in the configuration ini to create a logfile with loglevel 4.
Please do not report "issues" not related to plugin functionality as bugs.
For instance items that in your opinion should not be distributed are not a bug but expected behaviour as long as there are no rules for
the mods they belong to. There is a forum section where you can report this and make requests. Otherwise you can write a comment.

|          Future Ideas           |


If you have ideas for interesting features feel free to tell me.
|                 FAQ                  |


Q1: Does this mod more than Smart NPC Potions?
A1: Starting Version 2.0 this mod does more than Smart NPC Potions. It supports any Alchemist Items in the game and allows the creation of highly customisable rules for distribution.

Q2: Can I use this together with for example Smart NPC Potions?
A2: Yes! But it may make your game more difficult.

Q3: Does this work with NPCs from mod X?
A3: Yes! It works for any NPCs inequal which mod they belong to.

Q4: I am using a Wabbajack modlist and encounter CTDs
A4: Make sure that this mod is able to generate an up-to-date settings file, otherwise you may encounter problems. An old version of the settings file may be hidden somewhere in your modlist. Delete it, and let my mod generate a new settings file. If you still encounter problems please report them ^^.

Q5: I've looked through the list of available rules but didn't find what I need. Can you make a new rule?
A5: Of course. Just provide me with a detailed description of what it should do exactly.

Q6: Where did the VR version go?
A6: It's gone. For now at least. If someone knows or has an idea why NPCs turn invisible as soon as they enter combat, please tell me. If someone wants to have the otherwise perfectly working version, leave me a comment.

Q7: Do I need the compatibility plugin for Animated Potions, or Animated Poisons?
A7: No.

|          Source Code          |

git repository

|               Thanks               |

The SKSE team for developing SKSE.
Ryan for CommonLibSSE.
powerofthree for his CommonLibSSE fork providing both SE and AE support as well as additional functions.
Ershin for True Directional Movement, which gave me many pointers on how to code plugins.
Jayserpa for Smart NPC Potions which gave me the initial inspriation for the distribution feature.