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A lightweight death mod with many features that can be customized in the MCM, including injuries, item loss chance, lives, and permadeath. Save scum no more and face the consequences of your failures like a true Nord... or whatever race you are.

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Also available for Classic Edition.

There is no point in all the difficulty and roleplaying mods in the world if you are just going to reload a save and try again. Here is a fair and simple mod that allows you to play honorably and face the consequences you feel are just for dying. All of the options can be adjusted at any time in the MCM.

  • Set your spawn point by sleeping for 4+ hours.
  • Lock spawn point to where your standing with a spell. Doubles as a Mark and Recall spell as you can return without dying.
  • Clear experience to next skill level on death.
  • Choose percentage of gold and items lost on death. Items you lose are mysteriously found and sold by Belethor.
  • Choose between two injury systems that allow recovery with levelling up.
  • Simple injuries causes a 25 point debuff to H/M/S on death.
  • Advanced injuries borrows injuries from Wildcat with minor differences.
  • Optional permadeath option with a customizable number of lives.
  • Option to have a chance of permanent death regardless of lives left.

  • Support for followers. Option to die only after all your followers have been defeated.
  • Tweaks to advanced injury system to be more balanced.
  • More options to customize the injury system.
  • User suggestions.

  • You should turn death moves against the player off. Death moves against the player will simply do no damage.
  • Dying in the same cell as your spawn point causes you to respawn on the spot. Please set your spawn point in an inn or at home and not in a dungeon.
  • May need more tweaking for situations where the player may be set essential. There should not be any major issues, however.
  • Should be compatible with mods that give you an extra life by making you temporarily essential for an "extra life". However, may just cause you to simply be unable to die depending on that author's implementation.
  • Compatible with just about anything else on Nirn.

  • Enai Siaion - Advanced injuries system borrowed from Wildcat.
  • Gatonegro - Basic functions borrowed from Ultimate Skyrim.
  • Augh - Emotional support.