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Draw water from all wells of Skyrim and Solstheim

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I am not developing or providing support for this mod at the moment since I am not currently using it. The base mods are working fine and don't need further development, some of the patches might be outdated though. Permissions have always been open so feel free to use it however you like.

Have you ever noticed how Skyrim has plenty of wells, but they seem to be there just to stand in the way? Because apparently everyone is such an alcoholic that water has no purpose? Sure, there are needs mods that add drinkable water you can draw from wells, but you may not necessarily want the entire package. This mod is supposed to fill the gap, as it adds the ability to draw water from all wells of Skyrim and Solstheim. I included wells that had planks on the top since they seemed to be the majority and had still buckets nearby, so I intrpreted them as "wells with a rustic cover you can remove" as opposite to broken wells. 

The water itself has a modest Restore Stamina + Regenerate Stamina effect - the reasoning behind it is that running depletes your stamina and realistically makes you thirsty, and also being well hydrated is good for your body... or something like that, I didn't really worry about physiological realism, I just wanted water to be an unintrusive beneficial thing.

The mod is ESL-flagged for your LO's convenience.

There are two versions, choose what you like better:
- standard version has a very simple script that gives you water when you activate the well
- scriptless version (courtesy of Skyrimaguas!) makes it work like a crafting bench - no script attached, but you do get a crafitng menu

NB - this mod is inspired to Thicketford's similar mod for Legendary. At first my plan was to port it and I had tried to contact them for permission, however since the author doesn't seem to be much around any longer, I decided to rebuild it from scratch. Of course there will be similarities because, unlike skinning a sabercat, there aren't really many ways to do it (the script formula is essentially the same because it's... a basic script that gives you stuff). I hope it's okay for everyone involved, otherwise please let me know.

This mod works well as standalone, or with needs mods that don't account for thirst such as The Frozen North (you don't get a separate need but recovering stamina still feels good for your wellbeing, I guess) and possibly Survival Mode (based on heresay, I have no way to test it). It works just fine with Vitality, it adds yet another type of water that you can recognize as a drink. It is *not* compatible with iNeed since that adds a similar but more advanced funtionality to walls.

As for patches for other mods that add walls, or for whatever food/needs mod you'd like more uniformity with: I'm making patches for mods that I use myself as long their authors are okay with it. I won't make patches for mods I'm not interested in using, but if anyone wants to do that they are welcome. If you publish some patch and let me know, I'd like to share a link on this page for convenience, too.
Making patches for locations should be easy for anyone with very basic CK knowledge, anyway I made a tutorial in the Article section. For needs mods of course it depends on what they do.

Currently there are patches for: 
- Cutting Room Floor
- Dawn of Skyrim
- Keld-Nar
- Soljund Sinkhole
- Whistling Mind
Hearthfire Extended (the activator will appear once you've built the well)
- Expanded Towns and Cities - Complete version
- Alternate Start (Shoal Farm's well)
- Rorikstead

All patches have two versions, either original or scriptless; pick the one that matches your main file.
Patches are tagged as version 1.0 since they are new releases, but they are based on the main file's updated version which is the one you should use.