Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Selection wheel mod for Skyrim VR. It allows you to select spells, weapons, shields, arrows, potions, poisons, food, torch, armors and more without going into a menu very quickly by press of a button or button combinations to spawn the wheel and hold your hand over the item and letting go of the button. It's equipped automatically.

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
  • French

You like how in other VR games, there are easier menus to equip stuff? Do you like the spell wheel from Blade and Sorcery? Then this mod is for you.

This is a selection wheel mod for Skyrim VR to equip weapons/items/spells/shouts etc. without going into a menu or even open some menus quickly without wasting a button.

By default, it only shows your favorited spells/weapons, but you can enable favorited or all potions/food, poisons, arrows, bolts, melee weapons, shields, bows, crossbows, staves, torches, spells, powers, shouts, armors, scrolls, misc items, Journal Menu and Wait Menu orbs from MCM types page.

It also has immersive wrist bars for Health/Magicka/Stamina and Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue. Those can be enabled from MCM Bars page.

Spell Wheel is highly configurable from MCM.
If you don't want to use the wheel itself, you can just set spawn buttons to -Empty- from MCM->General page like this: and use other features of the mod.

  • It supports Favorite/All Potions/Food, Favorite/All Poisons, Favorite/All Arrows, Favorite/All Bolts, Favorite/All Melee Weapons, Favorite/All Crossbows, Favorite/All Bows, Favorite/All Staves, Favorite/All Shields, All Torches, Favorite/All Shouts, Favorite/All Spells, Favorite/All Powers, Favorite/All Scrolls, Favorite/All Armors, Favorite Misc Items(with *), All Camp Gear, Journal Menu, Wait Menu orbs.
  • You can choose your button or button combination for each hand from MCM
  • You can grab potions and food directly from the wheel if you have HIGGS installed.
  • There is an option in MCM to unequip currently equipped weapon to grab with HIGGS.
  • It shows name of the item/spell when you put your hand over the orb with a hover text.
  • Text also shows the item count for potions, food, poisons, arrows, bolts, melee weapons in parenthesis.
  • Hover Text supports 8 languages (Every language that's included in Sovngarde font: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian). You can set Journal Menu and Wait Menu texts etc. from the ini included.
  • Spells and shouts appear as their inventory art in the wheel.
  • Weapons that have enchantments show their enchantment effect in the spell wheel.
  • Journal Menu, Wait Menu, Tween Menu, Favorites Menu orbs open their corresponding menus, note that this feature requires Skyrim VR to be the active window.
  • Save game orb creates a manual save game.
  • Dismount orb disables original dismounting using controllers and allows you to only dismount from your horse using the Dismount orb. This is added for people who are dismounting unintentionally.
  • You can also define your own Custom keypress orbs with the SpellWheelVR_CustomKeypress.ini file.
  • There is a slow time scale option in MCM to slow time when you open the wheel.
  • Campfire and Basic Camp Gear items can be used directly from the wheel to set up beds and tents etc.
  • Using a button combination consumes the buttons to prevent other actions to be performed by the game or other mods, so you can use any combination as you like. If you set both button and button combination to the same button, that button will be consumed. For example, you can set both to B for each hand and enable Journal Menu and Wait Menu orbs to use B button as spawning button in oculus or index controllers.
  • Multiple pages and Separate pages options. When one of these are enabled, pages can be switched with a sweep from the center (left or right) like changing pages in a smart phone or tablet screen.
  • When you increase Wheel Page count in Separate pages mode, you can have subpages like Armors 1 and Armors 2 etc.
  • Immersive Wrist bars for Health/Magicka/Stamina (Vitality Bars), Hunger/Thirst/Fatigue/* (Needs Bars), Enchantment/Durability Bars. They can be enabled from MCM. Needs bars support Sunhelm, iNeed, Realistic Needs and Diseases, Vitality Mode, Last Seed, Drink Eat Sleep Bathe, Keep It Clean, Bathing in SkyrimFrostfall mods automatically by checking their globals, it doesn't need any patch etc. (You can turn of their icons/widgets from their MCM, because those would be redundant).
  • Vampire Lord and Werewolf Beast forms are detected and only creature form spells/shouts are shown in the wheel.
  • There is an option in MCM to fix Spell Wheel to HMD relative vertical position.
  • There is an option in MCM to fill the wheel top to bottom instead of inside out.
  • There is an option to enable lighting when Spell Wheel is spawned so you can see weapons/items clearly in the dark (Enabled by default).
  • There is an option to change combat stance according to unequip/equip actions in MCM.
  • There is an option to change Spell Wheel spawn animation to make it rise from the ground instead of opening from center in MCM.
  • You can change scale and distances of the orbs and hover text, change the speed it appears and moves etc. from MCM. You can also scale item types individually.
  • Conjure bound weapons with gestures: Here is a short video explaining how to. If you have CTD while conjuring bound dagger, use Bound Dagger CTD Fix
  • Summon creatures with Conjuration Circle: Here is a short video explaining how to.

If you are getting spells or items equipped randomly after you favorited them, that's not because of this mod. You probably have Dragonborn Speaks Naturally installed. That mod has a feature to equip favorited stuff by voice activation. I suggest disabling that feature from its ini.

Check out this video where I go over different options and also give you a preview of the mod:

Default button combination is Grip + Trigger for both hands. Pressing both together (grip first and then trigger) should spawn the wheel. You can enable other types from MCM types menu. Check configuration section for details.

I strongly recommend you to change the button combination to something you are comfortable with. I recommend B/Y preset from MCM->Presets page which consumes B/Y buttons and provides Journal/Wait menu orbs for the lost functionality.

After spawning the wheel, move your hand over the orbs(collide with them), they should get bigger to show they are selected, also if hover text is enabled, their name will be shown with a hover text. To equip that item/spell, let go of the button(s) while your hand is over the orb. You should now equip that item/spell on that hand.

Center orb is for unequipping whatever you have in your hand.

Check out this video which goes over the most important settings in MCM:

This mod includes an skse plugin, an ini file, and an esp file, also mesh and texture files for some orbs and text fonts, also two scripts for MCM.

MOD MANAGER: Install with your favorite mod manager.

MANUAL INSTALLATION: Not recommended. Extract to Skyrim VR\Data\ folder.

Load order doesn't matter.

Regarding FISSES script file conflicts between this and some other mods, those files are for FISSES support. If you have FISSES, let FISSES overwrite them all. If you don't have FISSES, it doesn't matter which overwrites because they are not used in any way.

This mod can be installed mid-save without issues.

Do not change formids of this mod, do not merge the esp with others, do not try to eslify the esp. Doing so would break this mod.

It's completely safe to update from previous versions to latest versions mid-save.

This mod comes with an MCM to configure everything:

In presets page, you can load one of the included presets for Mage, Warrior, Rogue, Spellsword gameplays. These just enable different orb types. You can modify them however you like. Also added in version 1.2, Separate Pages and Separate Pages Compact presets allows you to quickly switch to separate pages and provide you a simple separate pages system.

Orb count presets allows you to quickly change orb count and adjust scales accordingly.

Immersive wrist huds presets allows you to quickly enable Vitality, Needs and Enchantment bars.

B/Y Button Preset sets both button and button combination values to B/Y and also enables Journal and Wait menu orbs.

If you have FISSES installed, you can save and load your presets in this page also.

In general page, you can select buttons for each hand. Button and button combinations are used to spawn the wheel for that hand.

If both a button and button combination are used, when they are pressed together, they are consumed to prevent game or other mods to use those buttons.
In the screenshot, I set both to B to use B button for spawning the wheel (Recommended for index controller users).
Also, added in version 1.02, you can now select "VRIK Index Touchpad Press" as an option which requires VRIK bindings selected on SteamVR and allows Index Controller touchpad press to spawn the wheel..

You can enable/disable hover text and change its scale here. Hover text shows the name of the item/spell when you hover an orb.

You can enable/disable Change Stance, which draws your weapon automatically if you equip one from the wheel and sheathes it automatically if you unequip both your hands.

You can also set various HIGGS related settings here in general page. For example "Unequip to Grab with Higgs" unequips whatever you are holding to grab potions/food with your hand, otherwise they are consumed immediately.

In types page, you can select which orbs will appear for each hand separately. Show Favorite... means that item will only appear in the wheel if it's favorited. Show all... means that item will appear regardless of its favorite state. If you are going to set both your buttons to B, make sure you enable Journal Menu and Wait Menu orbs here before exiting MCM.

In positions page, you can set scale of orbs, distance and positioning of orbs, spawn and moving speed of orbs. 

Rise From Ground option is makes orbs rise from the ground. 

You can also change the order in which different type of orbs appear for main and secondary wheel separately. Note that the max possible orb count is 60, so you may need to prioritize your orbs to prevent missing out important stuff for you. 

In advanced page, you can enable logging, set slow time scale if you want to use it (100 means no slow time, 1 is max slow time), enable/disable lighting effect (to see item orbs better at dark), and change orb scale multipliers for each orb type. 

In bars page, you can enable wrist bars(select positions for them) for health/magicka/stamina (Vitality), hunger/thirst/fatigue (Needs), and Enchantment bars. Needs bars support Sunhelm, iNeed, Realistic Needs and Diseases, Vitality Mode, Last Seed, Drink Eat Sleep Bathe mods. Bar View Angle is the angle used for (imagine a cone area) viewing the bars, so that they will only appear when you are looking at them.
I suggest using a mod that disables UI bars along with these.

This mod also comes with many ini files. Here are some of them:

SpellWheelVR.ini: This file is for entering translations of Journal Menu and Wait Menu hover texts for other language users.

SpellWheelVR_Exclusions.ini: This file is for defining specific mods or formids of spells, powers and shouts that shouldn't appear in the wheel when All Shouts/All Spells/All Powers options are selected in types page. Mod comes with some already defined by default.

SpellWheelVR_Food.ini: This file is for defining specific food items to be shown in the wheel automatically. Mod comes with sunhelm water skins(all versions) defined by default.

SpellWheelVR_MiscItems.ini: This file is for defining misc items from a mod or specific items to be always shown on main or secondary wheels. You can also define if you want to use higgs to grab them, drop them or equip them.

It's compatible with HIGGS, meaning you can pick up potions/food from the wheel to eat them by putting them in your mouth. Settings are adjustable in MCM. This is an awesome mod. I really recommend it, if you haven't already installed it.

It's compatible with Campfire (and other mods that has spawned from it) and Basic Camp Gear mods, meaning you can set up beds, tents etc. directly from the wheel. Just enable Camp Gear type from MCM.

It's compatible with FISSES, meaning you can save your presets and load them again from presets menu.

It's compatible with VRIK, it disables head bobbing automatically when spell wheel is on. Requires build 28.
Also, this is not really an incompatibility, but make sure your activation distance is not set to maximum, you shouldn't even need to change that distance if your vr scale is correct anyway, because that would cause holsters to activate if you are using grip+trigger or similar combination and if you equip something from the wheel at the same time as VRIK tries to equip something, that would cause the game to crash.

It's compatible with Favorite Misc Items, meaning if you have that mod installed, you can set your misc item to favorites and see them on the wheel.

Needs bars support Sunhelm, iNeed, Realistic Needs and Diseases, Vitality Mode, Last Seed, Drink Eat Sleep Bathe, Keep It Clean, Bathing in Skyrim, Frostfall mods.

Various spell mods are tested and their scales are adjusted so that their orbs are shown in unison with vanilla spell orbs. If you encounter a spell that is scaled weirdly, let me know and I'll change its scale.

Compatibility with other languages: This mod supports other language item/spell names including accented letters, basically all characters in Sovngarde font are supported.

Haze Lights - Torches Candles Fires and Magic Lights Enhanced seems to be incompatible for some reason. When this mod is installed, equipping torch from spell wheel in some locations like Blue Palace inexplicably causes CTD in my tests.

Mods that use alternate textures are not supported at the moment. They appear without their alternate textures in the wheel. So potion mods like XxAwesome_PotionsXX is not supported. You can use Awesome Potions Simplified or Pretty Animated Potions - VR edition instead which doesn't use alternate textures. Or something like ElSopa - Potions Redone + Patches which I use myself which makes potions appear incredible in the wheel.

Alternate textures support is added in version 1.4.3.

  • Rallyeator, TheRetroCarrot, CylonSurfer, enoughbutter, FlyingParticle, Xerlith, Cangar, Jayombie, kalrog, QTAIM76 for testing.
  • FlyingParticle for code help, help for Higgs integration and brainstorming.
  • Prog for code help.
  • Rallyeator for title image.
  • Koveich for Sovngarde font.
  • TerenceYao for FISSES. This mod includes two scripts file from it to support it.
  • powerofthree for the sparks texture that's used in conjuration circle.

  • Let me know if you have any other ideas for the future.