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You must sleep to level up or spend your perk points.

Permissions and credits
Thankyou Windzstruct for porting this mod to LE.

I don't use VR but I'm told that Survival Control Panel doesn't work in VR. Therefore, VR Player's should use version 1.3.0 in Old Files.


Much of the mod is configurable via MCM. This section will assume all options are set to default. The MCM section will list the configurable options. The plugin is ESL flagged but has the .esp extension, so it takes an ESL slot but you can put it whereever you like in your load order.

Levelling Up

This mod will stop you from levelling up whenever you open the Skills Menu. Instead, you will level up when you sleep. No XP is lost. The details are as follws:
  • Your skills will increase normally even when you have gained enough XP to level up.
  • You XP will be reduced to just below the level up threshold when Skills Menu is opened. When the Skills Menu is closed, all lost XP will be returned.
  • You cannot level up more than once in a 24-hour period. Remember that you level up at the end of a sleep. So if it's been 14 hours since you last levelled up, you can sleep for 10 hours and expect another level up when you wake up.
  • You have to sleep for at least 8 hours to level up.
  • You can only level up once per sleep.
  • When you wake up after sleeping for 8 hours, the Skills Menu will automatically open and force you to level up straight away.*

Spending Perk Points
This mod also prevents you from spending your perk points, except after a consecutive 8 hours of sleep. The details are as follws:
  • Any Perk Points you have will be removed when you open the Skillls menu, and returned when you close it.
  • After any sleep of at least 8 hours, you will have a chance to spend your perk points. The Skills Menu will automatically* open and allow you to spend perk points.
  • You may only spend 1 perk point per sleep.
  • Unlike with levelling up, you do not have to wait 24 hours to do this again.

*About the Skills Menu automatically opening.
This will only happen if there is a key mapped to open the Skills Menu (there is by default). This is because the script opens the menu by faking a key press. If you don't have a key mapped to this, no worries! I put in a workaround, which is detailed in the next section. I recommend just mapping a button to the Skills Menu, and letting the menu automatically open. It will give you the most immersive experience.

Disabling Controls
Before attempting to automatically open the skills menu, the script disables your ability to move, attack and a few other things (you're uh, still asleep?). The script will record the enabled/disabled state of these controls before disabling them. These controls will be restored when you close the skills menu. If you have a level up available you must level up or these controls won't be restored. You can't avoid levelling up by closing the Skills Menu immediately after opening it and you must manually re-open the skills menu and level up to restore the controls.

The script will re-enable the controls that it disabled. This means that if you have a mod that disabled any of these things beforehand, it should still work as intended. Any controls that were disabled when this mod checked their state but were re-enabled in the interim will remain enabled. To be clear, any controls disabled by this mod WILL be re-enabled and any controls that were disabled to begin with won't be affected. If you find that you are stuck with controls disabled it is either because you couldn't complete the level up or another mod is disabling controls.

The MCM gives you control over certain variables and allows you to turn on/off optional features.
The MCM options are as follows:

  • Minimum Sleep Length (8 by default) - The minimum number of hours you must sleep to level up or spend perk points.
  • Level Up Cooldown Length (24 by default) - How many hours you must wait after levelling up before you can do so again.
  • Level Up Limit (1 by default) - How many times you can level up after a single sleep. Set this to 0 allow unlimited level ups.
  • Require Sleep to Spend Perk Points (on by default) - Turning this off allows you to spend your perk points whenever you like, disabling the features under Spending Perk Points.
  • Perk Point Spending Limit (1 by default) - How many perk points you can spend after a single sleep. Set to 0 for unlimited spending.
  • Save on Rest (off by default) - This is a replacement for the vanilla 'Save on Rest' setting. It autosaves after sleeping. If the Skills Menu is opened after sleeping because you can level up or spend perk points, this will wait until the Skills Menu is closed before saving. I recommend turning off the vanilla 'Save on Rest' setting if you enable this.
  • Maintain Health Percentage (off by default) - After levelling up, this will set your health back to the percentage it was at before you levelled up.
  • Maintain Magicka Percentage (off by default) - As above, but for Magicka.
  • Maintain Stamina Percentage (off by default) - As above, but for Stamina.
  • Hours until Level Up cools down - Not a configurable option. Shows you many more hours you must wait before you can level up again.
  • Available Level Ups - Not a configurable option. Shows how many Level Ups you have enough experience for.
  • Available Perk Points - Not a configurable option. Shows how many Perk Points you have.

Experience - Compatible as of Sleep to Level Up 1.1.
Simple Skill Books - Compatible as of Sleep to Level Up 1.2.
Growl - Werebeasts of Skyrim - Patch needed and available in the files tab. With the patch, you won't be able to level up or spend perk points the night of the dream vision but that should be the only problem. Just imagine that you didn't get a very restful sleep that night.
Static Skill Leveling - Semi-Incompatible. If you have a level up, the first time you sleep, Sleep to Level Up will allow you to level up, but the window from Static Skill Leveling won't appear, and you'll have to sleep again. I will look into fixing this when I have the time.

Mods that use Survival Mode features.
Such mods include The Frozen North, Potion Toxicity SSE and Sunhelm. These are compatible as of Sleep to Level Up 1.4. Thanks to the hard work of Parapets and colinswrath in creating Survival Control Panel, I was able to make Sleep to Level Up compatible with these mods.

Future Plans

As of 1.2 I consider this mod to be 'Feature Complete'. I still intend to fix any bugs that pop up and I'm open to working on compatibility issues with other mods but new features are unlikely. If there are any features you would like, feel free to try and convince me. Otherwise, the permissions are open to anyone who wants to release their own version.