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For the clean and sober Dovahkiin!

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Are you a non-Nord wandering around a frozen country filled with tall people who like to spend their days fighting, singing, starting civil wars, griping about religious figure hating elves and the Empires who were forced into a treaty with them... and drinking so much %#&!ing alcohol you can practically hear their brain cells screaming in agony before their deaths?

Are you tired of wandering around needing something to drink that doesn't have any negative effects other than those healing potions you've been stocking up for when you need them?

Have you sworn off booze forever because the last time you got drunk, you staggered into an Imperial ambush and woke up in a cart with a rebel Jarl on his way to get beheaded, only to get attacked by a big %#&!ing black dragon?!

Are you a Khajiit? 'Nuff said.

Well then, this is the mod for you!

I made this because I'm clean and sober in real life and my hatred of alcohol borders on the psychotic. And yet, there is NOTHING else to drink in Skyrim... ANYWHERE! (Well, at least until Hearthfire was released.)

So I made this mod... I prefer the Dragonborn clean and sober. After all, you'd figure that you wouldn't want to see a person who can shout shockwaves, fire, frost, and whatever else getting drunk. He might wind up wrecking the place! Imagine having to explain THAT to the guards.

So, now, if you look behind the counter of every inn, you'll find that, despite their professing intolerence for anyone who drinks the wholesome drink that strengthens bones and teeth, they keep a small supply all ready to be sold... just in case.

And as an added laugh, I've placed some milk bottles in the houses that you can purchase and in certain other areas around Skyrim... and another place you would DEFINITELY not expect to find milk. Not to mention the dreaded SECRET BARREL OF SHAME!!! If you look around carefully, you might find out that someone just might be a closet milk drinker. The horror... THE HORROR!

AND... you will also get the satisfaction that if any of those knuckle dragging Nords calls you a milk drinker, you can say: "That's right! I drink milk all the time! 'Cause I'm the (insert appropriate expletive here) Dragonborn! Got a problem with that? FUS RO DAH!!!"

Here's the drink list:

Apple Juice - 33% Increased disease resistance and 20 points Health Fortification for 60 seconds
Carrot Juice - Nighteye for 60 seconds
Jazbay Grape Juice - Magicka Fortified by 20 points and Magicka Regeneration increased by 33% for 60 seconds
Juniper Berry Juice - Health Fortified by 20 points and Health Regeneration increased 33% for 60 seconds
Snowberry Juice - 33% resistance to fire, frost, and shock damage for 60 seconds
Tomato Juice - Stamina fortified by 20 points and Stamina Regeneration increased 33% for 60 seconds
Canis Root Tea - Enhances both One-Handed and Archery skills by 20% for 60 seconds
Snowberry Milk - Small health boost and a little fire resistance. Make at any cook pot with a bottle of milk and some snowberries.
Water - Purchasable at any alchemy shop. Use one bottle of water with three of any of the ingredients used to make any of the juices.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND HERE IT IS AGAIN!!! For the SSE! It does everything the latest version of Milk Drinker - LEGENDARY EDITION does... with XRC's Hi-Res textures included right off the bat so you won't have to download them separately this time.

UPDATE: One of the juices had the wrong effect that I wanted, so I fixed that (thank you, silverdragon5, for pointing that out)... and now the meshes and textures are in BSA form!

Enjoy... again!