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Simple and small Campfire based mod: find in the world and/or make non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, original mod by boringvlln.

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This is a conversion of boringvlln's  Warm Drinks - Simple Tea And Coffee Recipes - for Campfire to Special Edition. I enjoyed playing with this mod and thought other SSE-ers would too, and boringvlln kindly gave me permission to upload my conversion. 

Please endorse the original mod before endorsing my conversion!

Below is the description from the original mod*.

*With cheeky edits from boringvlln, ehehe

This is a small mod that I made for personal use, played with it for a long while and decided to share, because why not. Requires Campfire, as well as the dlcs.

Ever wondered could there be non-alcoholic lore-friendly drinks? What else people could drink to keep warm on a usual Skyrim day?
It is time to have some tea (or coffee).

There are different types of teas made from different mountain flowers: blue, red and purple.
Coffee could be made from elves ears.
Dragonborn support: make ash tea from ingredients easy to find on Solstheim (ash creep cluster and trama root).
Mix tea or coffee with honey, milk, lavender or frost mirriam. Or just add some coffee to your morning flin.
There is an extra sweet drink with more honey than tea, and there are several ways to make a hot beverage from wine, ale or mead by adding herbs and berries.
There is also a special tea, that many people would find bitter, but it could be helpful for your voice.

I tried to keep the effects and names more or less lore friendly and appropriate for Requiem. There is only one craftable drink that would directly restore health, and it does that for a reason (all drinks are based off real life examples).

In order to start making drinks you can create yourself a teapot (in a forge) from a 'Rusty old teapot' (can be bought from a pawnbroker, such as Belethor, or found in containers with miscellaneous items, I sometimes found them in crates from Dynamic Things - Woodpiles and Barrels) and two corundum inglots.

You can place your teapot anywhere.

Besides adding those drinks I also made one minor change to existing ones:

Riften specials are now indeed special, pricy, with unique, powerful and equally dangerous effects. They are no longer in a 'potion' section, they are legitimate drinks.
Other than that, vanilla records are untouched, so compatibility should be fine.

It seems that Legacy of the Dragonborn (and I suppose any other mod) would easily overwrite these changes, so choose it for yourself: whichever mod loads last takes priority. Other functions do not suffer in the slightest.

Since version 1.1 there are no edits to vanilla drinks. Feel free to use older version, if you want to.

All the drinks could be found on defeated foes, in shops, traveling merchantssupply, somebody's pockets... Basically anywhere you would've expected.

If you use other mods which add things into the leveled lists, it's always better to make a Bashed patch.

For detailed recipes and effects check 'Images' section. Note that in Requiem drinks would obey food rules like any other and only work out of combat (not the special ones however, but their price more than balanced that out).

Requires Campfire.
Frosfall support: beverages warm you right up. All except for the Summer tea, it's cold and refreshing.
Compatible with Ineed: just register drinks in-game.

Stroti for the teapot model and Tamira for converting it to Skyrim.
Chesko for Campfire, Frostfall, dev kits and tutorials.
WoodiePL for LL fix.