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Two new weapons, several new potions and powerful blessing effect.

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Forgotten Shrine of Magnus

Version 1.0 Eng/Rus

Author: Ronnie Magnum
Requirements: Skyrim


Long ago, in the time of glorious heroes and great rulers, the cult of the Great Sun operated in Tamriel, enjoyed the people's respect and honor. They had the glory of a noble and righteous worshipers of Magnus, always acting for the good of ordinary people, not denying anyone for help and support. Legends say that members of the cult knew the secrets of miraculous elixirs, which they willingly shared with all who needed it. But after the Oblivion Crisis, in a fierce struggle against the horrible creatures of other worlds, the cult suffered heavy losses and could not regain its strength. Their time came to an end...

A few decades later Sinderion, famous master of alchemy, visited Skyrim in search for rare plants. He set himself the task of finding all information about the wonderful medicines that were at the disposal of the cult. Having collected all the information available in the state archives, he found a mention about one of the preserved sanctuaries of the cult of the Great Sun.


This mod adds two new weapons and several types of potions, some of which can be crafted. In order to find their location, visit Belethor's General Goods in Whiterun and buy the book "A Treatise Of The Helioflos". It contains clues to their whereabouts.

Or just check the screenshots to find out the exact location :)

List of new items:


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