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Renovated Snow Elf meshes

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This are assets i made to improve my Cinema 4D skills, especially texturing/UV-Mapping ;)
This file will be updated if i make changes/improvements whatever
(Yes, it's created entirely in C4D, exported as Wavefront, imported to 3ds - Max and exported from there as .nif)
(And no, i do not have cracked any of this programms, as a student i've legal Licenses here! Just in case anyone is asking -.-)

They are completely ready to use for the CK!
The main meshes are a complete temple of Auri-el (the one wich gets destroyed at the end of Dawnguard Questline), Interior and Exterior, of course with collision data. I used the pieces available in dawnguard as template (Image)
and because the original temple just have THIS ugly roof i made a new mesh wich you can build on top.

For more, see below.

Brandnew meshes with the V2.0 Update! :)

Dawnguard DLC is required as I use the textures (and the inspiration from Dawnguard)

Before using it, you have to send me (cad435) a post or message and notify me you'll use it, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR RESPONSE! And please credit me if you use it.
(I simply wan't to know where it's used :) )
  • Fixed some tangent-space errors

  • Added Pavillion in different versions
  • Added Stair-Kit
  • Added marble Blocks

Whats inside:

 - Temple of Auri-el - Interior
 - Temple of Auri-el - Exterior
 - Temple of Auri-el - Roof Add-on
 - Snowelf facades
 - 3 new columns
 - Stairs in front of the second facade
 - Pavillions in different versions: Two "base" pavillions and two "ground" meshes; looks like this!
 - a Stair-Kit, turn your grid snapping on and you are ready to build up to the sky ;)
 - Blocks of marble

Why there aren't Interior meshes, such as floors, walls etc?
Because Bethesta included all interior meshes "unbroken" so you just can use theese.

What will come next?
I'll definately add Beds and Chairs, again new modells, not a retexture from Dwarfen stuff. I believe that Snowelves won't be comfortable with stone beds and chairs. The Sketchups/schematics are done, I just need time to build it as modell ;)
How to use:

The Temple-meshes are very heavy, means much polygons. Combining interior and exterior they have about 1,1 - 1,2 times the polygons as Beths temple have. However the meshes are designed you can combine them and make an open Interior, just place the interior at the same coordinates as the exterior and  it should fit (But keep in mind this is a heavy amount of polygons, although my GTX 660Ti gives a shit and personally I didn't noticed a FPS-Drop!)
You need the 'AurielTemple_Ground.nif' every time you use a temple enterior/exterior mesh. And for open interior of course only one time, as it connects interior and exterior together, see here

Pavillion: combine "base" and "ground" meshes. For the one with the hole down - its thought as a entrance, see the .esp how I retextured the stairs from the Volkihar-Keep Courtyard.

I Included a .esp. There are 2 setups (open interior and loading-doors), so you can see how it should look like :)
coc to 'A_cadSETest' (don't wonder, the cell is named Breezehome, I just realized some people may be confused about that...)

If you have suggestions and or requests, just ask I may add some stuff ;)