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Skyrim VR ENB for Vivid Weathers. Lighting overhaule for an atmospheric and realistic visual VR experience.

Permissions and credits

The goal of this enb vr preset is to support all the eyecandy effects of
the latest enb vr binarys for a great visual vr experience.

Warning: only for high end GPUs and/or screenarchering
Get rid of any tint, let the natural colors poppin out, get lost in dense
fog, prepare to get really wet by realistic looking rain and marvel at
pleasant sunrises/sunsets and realistic lighting conditions.

-Multiple weather Support
-new lighting overhaul
-new weather created with enb (sunny fog)
-Wet-Effect during rainy weather
-ENB rain
-better Water
-glowing window lights
-natural bloom
-ambient occlusion
-cloudshadows (for dynamic lighting conditions)
-subsurface scattering (for smooth skin)
-eye adaption
-ProceduralSun + Sunrays for pleasant sunrises/sunsets
-blurring (for image smoothing)
-sharpening (for sharpening ingame TAA)
-luma sharpening(for sharpening ingame TAA)
-color correction via enb palette and enviroment lighting

- Download enb vr binarys
- Copy d3d11.dll and decompiler_46e.dll and paste into your Skyrim VR folder
- Copy and paste Scenery ENB VR files into your Skyrim VR directory
- install enb helper VR
- install skse VR
- Install Vivid Weathers  (extended snow, extended rain, no shader) (adjust sunlighting strenght to youre liking via ingame mcm menu)
-Install FXCameraAttachFogEffect for Scenery ENB VR or FXCameraAttachFogEffect for Scenery ENB VR with Crestys Distant Mists if you want to use Crestys Distant mists.
- Install : ELE - SE or ELFX SE or RLO SE
- Don't use the RLO weathers
- Use ELFX with Ehhancer
- Place the Interior Lighting mod after the Weather mod in your load order
-TAA should be enabled in the skyrim VR ingame settings
-install ENB particle patch SSE by mndflux (download the one from scenery enb vr "optional files")

install and load order example with recommended weather/Water mods at the bottom of the page

In order to correcty display the enb sun effect and position you have to download "VRIK Player Avatar from Version v0.8.1 build 16 upwards.
You can find the download-link in the sticky post on vrik mod page:  click

If you calibrate vr scale mid-game you have to save and restart skyrim
to get it work properly.

All effects that are supported by enb vr are adjustable via ingame enb GUI.  (shift+enter)
Toggle enb effect with shift+ctrl

If you see wierd visuals (lighting or reflections and so on), notice weather and time of day from enb gui
statistics and let me know

If you want to have a little more performance (7% more FPS) without sacrificing graphics, you can deactivate Subsurfacescattering by setting subsurfacescattering=false in enbseries.ini with a text editor. It is a subtle effect.

Nigh EYE Info:
ENB NIGHT EYE is on by default, to turn it off, open ENB UI (shift+Enter},
expand, in the right window called "Shader parameters", enbeffect.fx
section, scroll down and uncheck "Use Nighteye Fix".

Known Issues:
since the skyrim particle patch for sse is not fully compatible with VR there are several minor issues with shader and meshes
Lets hope someone willl make a particle patch for Skyrim VR one day

Skyrim 2020 with Parallax by Pfuscher
(for enb wet effect on landscape textures, delete or overwrite mountain textures)
True Storms SE
True Storms patch for vivid weathers
Supreme Storms (Patch for Scenery ENB/vivid weathers can be found on my scenery enb vr files page)
Cresty´s Distant Mists
CrestysDistantMists Patch for Vivid Weather and TrueStorms
Minty Lightning 2019

Blowing in the wind
Wonder of Weather (once installed - dont deinstall , it can cause corrupt savegame, i heard)
Wonders Of Weather - Less opaque rain splashes for ENB (recommend 85% transparency)
Wet and Cold SE
True Storms - Wet and Cold Compatibility

Wet and cold Breath Texture for ENB
wet and cold - hd textures

Better WaterDrips for Wet and Cold

SkyVRaan Shimmering VR Waters (Vivid Weather supported) - choose "strong effect" and "Vanilla water"
Ilinalta - Realistic Water Transparency(I loaded Ilinalta.esp instead of SkyVRaan`s VRWatercolor.esp )
Improved Water Performance by pfuscher (for vanilla Water) overwrite when prompted

less annoying water rain ripples

The Jedi Trees (@Dave's Cantina Discord Channel)

Aspens Ablaze
Aspens Ablaze 3D Trees Patch
Whiterun Forest Borealis

Folkvangr - Grass and Landscape Overhaul
Origins Of Forest - 3D Forest Grass (load after Folkvangr)
recommend settings for grass in skyrim.ini
Unique Flowers and Plants SSE
Skyrim 3D Landscape

Enhanced Blood Textures SE
No Snow under roof
Nightsky 4K Galaxy 2K Masser
Blended Roads (choose Really blended roads for 3D roads)
torches cast shadows (option for torch and candle brightness in mcm menu too)
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
skyrim se particle patch (onyl meshes and textures)
xLODgen (for HD Terrain LOD)
DynDOLOD(for object lod and ultra trees, trees LOD Brightness: -10)
improved Dust

Recommend Enviromend mods
high poly project
Skyrim 3D Rocks
Morning Fogs SSE
Majestic Mountains
Farmhouse Wooden Fence

Recommend Mods for skin,
that fits well with Scenery ENB
VR (MY Choices)
Leyenda Skin
or Demoniac -HQ glossy female skin
could be too glossy for some (to me anyway)
I use the Skin with CBBE and Female Oufit replacer
Tempered Skin for Males

Weapon seen in my screenshots:
OilDip - Flaming Arrows Fiery Blades


Example for Install and load order of recommended visual mods
(also pay attention to which esp should be deactivated in load order after installing)

Install order

Load order


- Rudy102 for permission to cusstomize his awesome skyrim SE ENB preset for ENB VR
-sfts for enb helper VR
- Boris Vorontsov for his great ENB mod
-mangaclub for his great vivid weathers mod
-sgsrules for vr scale guide
-Shizof for ENB_time_of_day_fix.esp
-prog0111 for making his great mod "VRIK" compatible with enb sun effects