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  1. prog0111
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    I've added a Troubleshooting section and a FAQ to the main description page, and have started listing most common issues there. Look there first to see if there's already an answer you're looking for, and please let me know if there are any questions or solutions you think would be helpful to add!

    Development builds of V0.8.1:

    Build 28: --- Fixed bugs with hand animation, big overhaul of arm IK system

    Build 25: --- Rewrote hand animation system, mod support for hand animations, added new skse plugin interface for mod support (contact me if you need it)

    Build 23: --- Fixes equip bow crash bug, certain spell cast gestures not charging mana with/without certain mods, and an in-progress fix for hand animation after equip/unequip of a shield.

    Build 22: --- Fixes incorrect spell scaling issues with hand animations and adds MCM options to disable haptic feedback on certain holsters.

    Build 20: --- Adds another fix for users who's hand animation stopped working with 16, and should run a bit faster.

    Build 16: --- Fixes several archery and crossbow related bugs, makes the MCM compatible with Sovngarde fonts, fixes sitting hmd position, fixes 1-word gesture shouts, and attempts to fix ENB issues related to VR Scale.
  2. Stuchoo
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    Anyone know what it means when you get 2 haptic pulses in quick succession with this mod? For some reason, when I try to assign a weapon to a holster, I get 2 quick pulses and the weapon doesn't get assigned. 
  3. BaobobMiller
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        How are people combating visibility on horseback? Perhaps it's because I'm using Convenient Horses, but my chest armor/robes are forever bouncing high in my face if I ride at anything above a slow walk and oddly most of my caster gear are textured on the inside. Is there something I'm missing in the configuration? If not, then perhaps there is need for a separate "forward/back" offset for when mounted.

        Any advice (other than stripping naked to ride) would be appreciated.
    1. psyEDk
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      sounds like a physics mod is making your chest too bouncy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    2. jasonandtina69
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      Not a physics problem with the chest bounce. Happens to me too with a male character. Haven't figured out a solution. No horse mod either.
  4. s0ftbAc0n
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    I have been having an issue with weapon scale for a while and haven't been able to fix it. I know that I can change my hand size and it will scale the weapons with it, but for the weapons to not look tiny I have to have the hand scale on 1.00. However, on 1x size my hands are huge like way too big compared to my arms and rest of body. Is there any easy way to have the weapons be normal size and my hands be smaller at the same time without having to manually change the models?
    1. Devil61
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      I have the same problem and cant find any help, like nobody even care, i only found your comment out of 3000 of others and is sucks, i want my original sized battle axe not some baby toy
  5. bigdaddy2341
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    on quest but how tf after i assign the gesture to B do i open my settings menu after my save is stuck not able to open it anymore 
  6. MrDifferent
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    My arms disappear after saving Serana. I exit the cave where she was and then my body, arms, and hands just vanish.
    1. dietodeath21
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      same and once i jump my game freezes and now even the main vr playroom has no body anymore
    2. benjapo
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      After you exit the cave make a new save. Quit the game and load your save and it should be good. I know it's not ideal but this is a super rare thing.
  7. Combine99
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    It seems that I am now only allowed to add spells to the left gesture in the left hand and the right gesture in the right hand. If I try to add a spell to any other directional gesture on either hand the spell simply wont show up in the remove spell section and the gesture will do nothing.
    • member
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    is there anyway to prevent the third person camera from activating at all, and keeping the player view locked in first person when knocked down or killed? 
    there is a mod called first person enhanced for flatscreen that had this feature, and it was one of the best things about skyrim when i played it, and kept the experience as immersive as possible.

    before ANYONE says something about motion sickness, you gotta understand that there are ALOT of vr enthusiasts that are immuneto motion sickness and actually ENJOY and SEEK OUT those sensations that others find unpleasant. for us, its one of the BEST things about vr, and if we can have an experience where we not only get to feel that insane sensation, but also makes one of the most immersive games out there even MORE immersive and fun by also solving the horrifically wierd way the player body looks when it dies by default using this mod, well then i think we could actually achieve world peace!

    is there ANY way to make my dream a reality?
  9. potassaim
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    guuuuys... how do i return the scaling to default? i dont like skyrim being set to my size, i want it to be normal but i cant find the popup menu . i know its somewhere in mod config but i cant find it. please help.
    1. psaop
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      Go to your magic menu and select VRIK calibration from the powers section. 
  10. RubberCircus
    • member
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    Fucking AMAZING work! The capability this adds to the game turns it from 3D skyrim with extra steps to holyshitimdragonborn.

    One feature that makes me feel like a menace to society is the casting spells on open hand, which is really fucking cool, HOWEVER, would it be possible to add an adjustable parameter in the menu to how quickly you need to open your hand? It feels good closing and then opening them, but it feels like the threshold needs to be a bit higher for the speed you do it.

    Again, fucking amazing work, I hope you keep it up :)
  11. botmoduser
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    Is there a way to disable holsters adjustment? I keep messing up positions in panic by grabbing weapons and accidentally holding it for 2 seconds. The default position is fine imo