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Modifies the values of all water types for more realistic transparency. So that they won't look like streams of blue ink.

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Read the sticky post

Update: 1.1Fixed issue of Realistic Water 2 textures not loading.
Patch credit goes to syclonix.

Vanilla skyrim water always bothered me, it looks so muddy/blue-ish and simply isn't transparent enough. so I made this mod.

This Plugin is as simple as changing a few numeric values (fog records), so it should be compatible with almost everything.
It also doesn't change vanilla currents, textures, reflection amount, etc.

Just make sure that you load this mod after other water mods for the changes to take effect. 
 Also recommended:
Improved Water Performance IWP by Pfuscher

Tested and works with Pure Waters.
Issues with Realistic Water Two.

There is zero performance hit.

Ilinalta Does not fix game's ugly water edges. However, If you use ENB you can use this mod:

--->Enb Water<---

along with the latest ENB binaries to have the transparency effect AND fix the water edge.

Although it DOES have significant effect on game's performance Unlike Ilinalta.

See the sticky post for guide on how to make your own water plugin.
You can use this in your plugins or upload your own, no credit necessary.