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A 3D grass mod to reflect the dynamic growth of a great forest. Origins Of Forest is intended as an add-on to "The Jedi Trees" Mod. Huge thanks to JonnyWang13, who inspired me with his great grass mod "cathedral - 3D pine grass".
Get ready to get lost in the thicket!

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Folkvangr - grass and landscape overhaul (load before Origins of Forest)
Windy Grass

ENB Grass Collision

ENB Grass Collision (Video Grass Collision with Origins of Forest) [collision preset #5]

ENB Complex Grass - Patch for Origins Of Forest:

ENB Complex Grass - Patch Compendium

Thanks to JonnyWang13 for permission and inspiration to this mod. Since I play skyrim VR, I wanted a forest that is more immersive and dynamic.
This grass mod covers only pine forest.
Thanks to FelesNoctis for cleaning the ESP and the backport to Skyrim LE (Origins of Forest Backport)
Thanks to Skurkbro for his work on complex grass patch for Origins of Forest
-compatible with other grass overhaul mods (install and load "Origins Of Forest" after the overhauls)
-with all landscape textures, since I doesnt include any.
-I created and tested this Mod using SkyrimVR

recommend settings for grass in skyrim.ini
iMinGrassSize=50 or 60 (higher values = less dense = more performance)