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A 3D grass mod to reflect the dynamic growth of a great forest. Origins Of Forest is intended as an add-on to "The Jedi Trees" Mod. Huge thanks to JonnyWang13, who inspired me with his great grass mod "cathedral - 3D pine grass".
Get ready to get lost in the thicket!

Permissions and credits
DEMO (SkyrimVR)

video skyrimVR (v1.0)

Core Mods in Video: The Jedi Trees, Origins Of Forest, Scenery ENB VR WIP

Thanks to jonnywang for permission and inspiration to this mod. Since I play skyrim VR, I wanted a forest that is more immersive and dynamic.
Origins Of Forest is intended as an add-on to "The Jedi Trees" Mod as seen in the Video above.
This grass mod covers only pine forest.

-compatible with other grass overhaul mods (install and load "Origins Of Forest" after the overhauls)
-with all landscape textures, since I doesnt include any.
-I created and tested this Mod using SkyrimVR

recommend settings for grass in skyrim.ini
iMinGrassSize=60 (higher values = more performance)

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