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Folkvangr - Grass and Landscape Overhaul is a grass mod for Skyrim SE.

I do not allow ports of this mod.

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This is an extensive grass overhaul with a selection of high quality landscape textures to match. It adds:

  • new 'grasses' for each hold, including leaflitter, sticks, pinecones, pine needles and more
  • new matching landscape textures to provide better transitions, currently only including the Rift, Pineforest, and Tundra
  • minor tweaks to some landscape entries
  • textures saved with Nvidia texture tools with mipmap alpha scaling etc (retains detail at a distance)
This mod began as an update to Midsummer, but as the months drew on (yes about a year working on grass for a 10 year old game), quickly outgrew it in scope.

Everything is predominantly designed for use with ENB, so if you play vanilla, you might encounter some grasses that look slightly out of place in terms of brightness. I suggest you check out Jonnywang's Cathedral Landscapes if you're intent on a vanilla playthrough.


You'll need to:

  • uninstall whatever existing grass mod that you might be using
  • install with whatever mod installation software you might be using
  • let Folkvangr load after whatever texture mods you might be using
  • turn off ENB's Complex grass in the ENB menu (recommendation, not required)
I've included the grass ini settings that I use. These control density. I'd recommend keeping these settings.

ENB Complex Grass

This mod was created before the existence of ENB complex grass. This means that it does not include normal maps. This means that when you enable ENB complex grass in the ENB menu, it looks weird. The grass collision feature still functions, but the grass lighting doesn't look right. I recommend turning off ENB Complex Grass. 


This isn't a particularly well optimised production. Your performance will mostly depend on setup. Expect a similar impact to other heavy grass mods.

My setup

ENB: Rudy for Obsidian
Weather: Obsidian Weathers
Textures: Tamrielic, Pfuscher, and bespoke additions with edits to all


This mod wouldn't exist without Mindflux inspiring me. Check out his flickr.