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Tweaked splash meshes from awesome "Splashes of Storms" mod. Now they can be controlled in the Particle section in ENB.

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Changed shaders in the nifs that Powerofthree uses in the awesome "Splashes of Storms" mod for splashes effect (and a few other things in the particle systems as well).

Now their intensity can be controlled in the [PARTICLE] section in ENB UI.

Of course, you need to install "Splashes of Storms" first and use ENB.

Settings can be configured in "po3_SplashesOfStorms.toml" (in Data/SKSE/Plugins) and reapplied in-game by using "splashes" console command.


  • NifScale =
  • NifScaleActor =

Don't make them too small, or anti-aliasing will literally eat them up.


  • RaycastIterations =

I'm using 10 for LightRain, 15 for MediumRain and 20 for HeavyRain, but you have to adjust these values for your hardware and taste.

I prepared two meshes/particle systems: "rainSplashNoSpray.nif" and "rainSplash.nif", they are a bit different. In the last version of the mod, Po3 uses only one of them. But this mod is so well designed, that you can swap these meshes in the configuration file I mentioned earlier and see the changes right away in-game:

  • NifPath = "Effects \\ rainSplashNoSpray.NIF"
  • NifPath = "Effects \\ rainSplash.NIF"

in fact, you can use a different particle system in each type of rain. It's just awesome. A small demonstration of the differences between these two particle systems:


    These are particle systems with emission set to something greater than 0, so in fact they always glow, especially in shaded areas, because the game doesn't put shadows on them.
    And remember that the number of splashes indirectly depends on the number of frames per second