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Advanced Fantasy Feeling ENB preset for Skyrim SE with touchs of realism and multiple weathers support

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PLEASE: If you downloaded and liked my preset, don't forget to return here and click on "ENDORSE"! That's my only request to you! I've spent too much time and work with it, so endorsing my mod you will be helping me and  I will appreciate it so much. Thank you all!!

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Imaginarium is an ENB Preset for Skyrim Special Edition which will give you visuals with bright and clear atmosphere, vibrant colors and moderate contrast. Everything carefully tweaked and tested for a great graphic experience with good performance. 




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Weather Mods: By now  Imaginarium is avaiable for Obsidian Weathers and Seasons,
Vivid Weathers , NAT -Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel and Cathedral Weathers and Seasons mods, and you need to install one of them (ONLY ONE) to get the intended look. IMPORTANT: If you go with NAT you need to use the NAT spell > go to Graphics options and disable: Subsurface Scaterring, Wet Effects, Extra Sky Lighting and NAT Interiors. Otherwise you will have undesirable glitches.  For Vivid weathers, Filmic shader need to be selected during its installation, not the Classic one.

Lighting Mods: The interiors settings are based on Enhanced Lights and FX mod, but MAYBE the look will be fine with others, feel free to try. For Enhanced Lights and FX DO NOT INSTALL the Weathers option and if you don't like darker interiors I suggest to not install the Enhancer option too. The Exteriors plugin is not recommended to be used with this preset. IMPORTANT: Enhanced Lights and FX esp plugin(s) must be bellow NAT, Obsidian, Cathedral or Vivid Weathers ones in your load order! 

ENB Helper SE: It is necessary for the multiple weathers settings: ENB Helper SE  This is a SKSE64 plugin, so obviously you also need SKSE64 installed in your game. The optional file "Old Skyrim SE Shader Bundle" is highly recommended, you can find it in the same page. IMPORTANT: As soon as Skyrim SE receives new updates from Bethesda, the ENB Helper SE also will need to be updated, so stay tuned about it. Multiple weathers function will not work if you update your game without update the ENB Helper SE.

VERY IMPORTANT: NEVER USE  PrivateProfileRedirector SE with ENB. It will mess with some ENB settings, so you will have wrong visuals and will think that the ENB is causing problems. Remove it and reinstall the ENB if you already was using them together. 


*** Installation video tutorial (Portuguese-BR voiced) avaiable HERE

1- In the Game Launcher, you can choose FXAA or TAA (TAA is a better AA method BUT can cause artifacts with ENB presets and will blur the look a little, personally I go with FXAA cause it works fine in combo with SMAA1x from ENB, if you want to use TAA, I recommend to increase the sharp amount  after installation, see the Optional Adjustments bellow to know how to do it ). Disable Screen Space  Ambient Occlusion in launcher (ENB already has a much better one). 

NMM and Vortex users:  go to [Documents> My games> Skyrim Special Edition> Skyrimprefs.ini]
Mod Organizer 2 users: go to [ ......Mod Organizer2 > Profiles > Default > Skyrimprefs.ini] 

find the following lines, set and save:

bIBLFEnable=0  ---> (VERY IMPORTANT!!!! You'll have lens flare problems if this line is set to 1)





If you don't have some of the [Display] lines above in your Skyrimprefs.ini, you can copy/paste them to somewhere under [Display] in the file.

2- For NVIDIA users:  If you are using HDMI conection, Its VERY IMPORTANT to set your Dynamic Range in full, in the graphics card control panel (see this image). For AMD Users:  open AMD control panel, click on Gaming tab > Games > Global Graphics > Display > Pixel Format  and set to: RGB 4:4:4 Pixel Format PC Standard (Full RGB).

3- Download the latest ENBseries from:

Open it and  extract ONLY the files d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll from wrapper version folder to your Skyrim Special Edition folder ;

4- Download  Imaginarium ENB from files tab of this Nexus page (the correct version for your Weather mod). Open it and  extract the content (enbseries folder, enblocal.ini and enbseries.ini)  to your Skyrim Special Edition Folder; 

5- Run the game and enjoy the new look. 

 The basic installation finishes here. If you want to customize some settings see the options bellow.


*Basic Color Correction: If you want to adjust saturation, brightness and contrast to suit your tastes, no problem! You can do it in ENB GUI (Shift + Enter ingame menu) as shown here and here. Don't forget to SAVE CONFIGURATION after the changes (check here to see exactly where you need to click). I do not recommend to change the settings for times of day (unless you really know what you are doing). You should prefer to edit the GLOBAL settings at the bottom of ENBEFFECT.FX menu (CC:Contrast , CC:Saturation, CC:Brightness, etc....).

*Letterbox/ Grain/ Vignette/ Sharp Amount:  The Letterbox effect (black bars  up and down on the screen), Grain and Vignette are disabled by default.  You can turn ON/OFF these effects any time ingame in the ENB GUI > ENBEFFECTPOSTPASS.FX, as shown here. You can also adjust the black bars size, grain/vignette intensity and sharp amount in this same menu. Don't forget to click on SAVE CONFIGURATION if you want to keep these changes. 

*Bloom adjustments: If you want to adjust the intensity of the ENB Bloom effect for Day , Nights and/or Interiors you can open the ENB menu (Shift + Enter) > go to ENBBLOOM.FX on the right window reduce or increase the marked values, shown in this image. Click on SAVE CONFIGURATION on left window to keep the changes.  

*ENB Rain Replacement: This feature is enabled by default, but if you want to turn it off open ENB menu (shift + Enter) > on the bottom of left window click on "RAIN"  > uncheck the line "enable"  and   click on SAVE CONFIGURATION on the top of same window if you want to keep this change. In this image you can see where you need to uncheck. 

Skin Adjustments: This feature is disabled by default  but can be enabled if you want, in ENB menu. Just check the EnablePrepass line in EFFECT section (see here). This same prepass allow to adjust skin visual acording your preferences (see this image). Dont forget to click on SAVE CONFIGURATION if you want to keep your customization. NOTE: Enabling prepass will cost about 5 -10 FPS, depending on your system.

**IMPORTANT: If after the installation your visuals are VERY different from  my screenshots so, you did some mistake during installation or you also need to adjust colors, contrast , brightness , hue, etc. in your monitor. Leftovers files from other presets or 2+ weather/lighting mods at same time  can cause issues.


In the Skyrim SE Folder, delete: enbseries folder, d3d11.dll ; d3dcompiler_46e.dll ; enblocal.ini and enbseries.ini 


IMPORTANT: Before update to a new version of this preset please uninstall the previous one!


This ENB preset is already performance friendly and playable in Mid-End machines. With my specs  (Intel i5 4690 3,5-3,9 Ghz ; GTX 1070  8gb VRAM and 16 gb RAM)  I'm running the game + this preset with 60 FPS almost all the time (1920 x 1080 resolution), but FPS drops occurs in some places.

I will not be working on performance versions of this preset, but if you need more FPS consider  my main recommendations:

- Reduce godrays , shadow distance and quality in the game launcher.
- Reduce your grass density increasing the value of iMinGrassSize=*** in the ini files.
- You can disable Sun Rays, ENB DOF and Ambient Occlusion( by shift + Enter ingame menu or setting EnableSunRays=false, EnableDepthOfField=false and EnableAmbientOcclusion=false in enbseries.ini). If disable ENB Ambient Occlusion I recommend to re-enable Screen Space Ambient Occlusion from the game in the launcher
- In Graphics card control panel some settings can also increase performance.
- Highly recommend  SSE Fixes to gain FPS in several places

- RECOMMENDED MODS (In installation Order)

Ruins Clutter Improved
Static Mesh Improvement Mod 

- Skyrim Realistic Overhaul
NobleSkyrimMod HD-2k  
Enhanced Vanilla Trees  (v1.00a I'm using Custom Large option with Vurt's Foliage v1)
- Natural Aspen Recolor (Odrim mod, but can be used in SE without problems)
- Aspen Bark HQ Variants (I'm using Linden 4k)

- aMidianborn Landscape SE
- Vivid Landscapes - Volcanic Area SE
- Mountains Textures from Skyrim 2020 Optional files
- Skyland - Imperial Forts and Dungeons
- Skyland - Ships and Shacks
- Tamrielic Grass ( or Verdant  or Veydosebrom v1.0.0 or Realistic Grass Field)
- Beautiful Cities SSE
Rustic Windows - Special Edition 
- Nordic Snow (or Fluffy Snow)
- Blended Roads
- Blended Roads Redone SE (its a retexture for Blended Roads, just overwrite)
- Fluffy Snow Patch for Blended Roads (also works for Nordic Snow)
- Perfect Terrain LOD
- 8K Night Skies - Stars and Galaxies (I'm using 8k Natural Fantasy)
- Skygazer Moons SSE (I'm using the No Glow option)
Realistic Water Two


- Bethesda for Skyrim Special Edition 
- Boris Vorontsov for ENBseries
- aers for ENB helper SE 

- Crosire for Reshade Framework (Some Reshade features were ported to ENB)
- Arindel and Megaloblast for Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
- l00ping for NAT - Natural and Atmospheric Tamriel
- Mangaclub for Vivid Weathers and its weathers IDs list
- Marty MCFly for ENB ADOF and Lightroom shaders 
- Tapioks for DNI ENBEFFECT.FX modification
- JawZ for enbeffectpostpass shaders (from MSL)
- Kingeric1992 for 3D LUT code , SMAA 1X code and ENB sunsprite shader and texture
- Loadus for DPX Cineon Shader
- Ceejay for Curves and Fake HDR shaders
- Prod80 for Technicolor2 and Shadows shaders
- Adysss for the port of some  external postpass features to ENB and for the Shader Addon
- MaxG3D and Firemanaf for the Bloom shaders used in this preset
- nanoman2000 for the ENB raindrop texture