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Removes color banding and smooths the sky transition between horizon, middle and top of the sky. Designed with ENBSeries in mind, but it has no dependency of it and improves the vanilla visuals as well.

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This is an old mod I made for my Enhanced Lighting for ENB/ELE mod way back in 2013. And have since only been available at my ELE thread over at But I thought I would go ahead and make a mod page here as well.

Works well with and without an ENBSeries running, there is no dependency on it. Because it's only an altered vanilla mesh, and only require the base game.

Thanks to all those who support my modding efforts and continue to expect the best :)

-- Removes much of the color banding present in the vanilla sky --
-- Makes the transiton between the sky sections more smooth--
-- Expands the regions of the three parts of the sky, Horizon, Middle and Top of the sky --

This mod is compatible with all mods, as long as that mod does not include the atmosphere.nif file.

Here is an alternative mod with an alternate approach to fix the sky banding, not currently officially ported to SSE though.
ATMOSPHERE by ramccoid

Go to the Skyrim "Data/meshes/sky" folder
Delete the file named "atmosphere.nif"