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Lightweight, fast, vivid and natural looking ENB preset for Obsidian or Cathedral Weathers. ACES HDR tonemapping, improved night-eye shader, full weather support, rain reflection effects, adjustable brightness, and distance dependent sharpening.

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i m m e r s i v e l y    i m m e r s i v e    E N B

f a s t,       n a t u r a l,      b e a u t i f u l

for Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
or Cathedral Weathers

...see the screenshots...



  • Built for Cathedral Weathers and Seasons or Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Highly customisable
  • Rich, natural colour tones. Designed to compliment Obsidian or Cathedral's own aesthetic.
  • Excellent horizon blending. Full support for Obsidian and Cathedral weather systems.
  • Weather aware. Includes reflective skin and stone in wet weather.
  • Unique HLSL code. Uses ACES HDR tone-mapping. Avoids blinding whites without compromising contrast.
  • Unique Night Eye shader with Predator Vision support. 


  • ACES "filmic" HDR tone-mapping (based on code by Krzysztof Narkowicz & Stephen Hill). ACES (created by the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences) is an industry standard colour grading and workflow system for digital video production. This simplified implementation of ACES HDR mapping compresses very dark shadows and bright highlights to imitate the behaviour of analogue film. The result is a natural, pleasing image with solid colour reproduction.

  • Improved "Nighteye". Nighteye potions and night vision abilities are enhanced with custom post-processing code. Includes proper fixes for false ENB triggering.

  • Distance dependent sharpening (based on code by JawZ). Depth and distance is improved by sharpening nearby scenery and the player but leaving distant terrain unsharpened.

  • Adjustable day, night and interior brightness, saturation and gamma. Customise your dungeon or night-time experience.

  • Adjustable adaptation (auto exposure). Adaptation responds only to very bright lights, like the sun. Avoids strobing.

  • Highlight and shadow saturation control. Improves image realism noticeably by saturating shadows and bleaching highlights.

  • Night and interior colour tinting. Customise the colour warmth of interiors or night-time exteriors.

Effects enabled

  • ENB cloud shadows. Sunlight fluctuates in cloudy weather realistically.
  • ENB sun rays. Fast volumetric lighting effects.
  • ENB underwater. Realistic underwater visual effects including caustics.
  • ENB detailed shadows. Accurate nearby shadow.
  • ENB distant shadows. Accurate distant terrain shadow.
  • ENB subsurface scattering (SSS). Realistic skin and translucent materials.
  • ENB improved ambient occlusion (SSAO). Enhanced lighting.
  • ENB indirect illumination (SSIL). Enhanced lighting.
  • ENB complex particle lighting. Extra light sources (optional).
  • ENB procedural sun. Better looking sun glare.
  • ENB water. Improved water effects. Includes screen-space reflections, caustics and (optional) parallax mapping.
  • ENB window lighting. Better looking backlit windows.
  • ENB bloom. Natural looking soft bloom in bright areas.
  • ENB lens. Subtle blow-out in extreme brightness.
  • ENB rain. Improved rain effects with droplet refraction.
  • ENB wetness. Reflection and shininess when in the rain. Includes shiny wet skin.
  • ENB specular skin. Natural skin shine.


1. Requirements

Install these mods through your favourite mod manager

Note... Please uninstall the ENB Helper Shader Bundle if you've got it. It's no longer needed.

2. Clean out any previous ENB installation.

3. Download the latest Skyrim SE ENB package. ENB SSE homepage download (click the highest version number towards the bottom of the page).

Noter: Update ENB regularly. Some new features require the latest version and Boris releases bug-fixes without increasing the version number. 

4. Extract only the two .dll files in the WrapperVersion folder and put them in your Skyrim root folder (the same folder as SkyrimSE.exe and SkyrimSELauncher.exe).

5. Download this preset (manual). Download either the Obsidian or Cathedral versions.

6. Extract all the files and the enbseries folder from the preset archive to the Skyrim root folder (not Data).

7. Download either NightEyeENBFix or NightEyeENBFix_PredatorVision and install it through your favourite mod manager (or manually). Use the latter if using that mod and keep all the mod settings at defaults. If you want to change brightness or contrast, use the ENB console and change settings in Shaders -> ENBEffects. 

Start SKSE as normal to launch Skyrim SE

Note: it takes a while to build shaders when Skyrim starts. A black screen for ten seconds or so is normal.

Remember to Endorse if you like it. :) This is the only means of personal validation I have. *joking - hahaha HAHAHA - errrhh* *cough*

INI settings...

  • BethINI works well to optimise you INI settings. I use BethINI Ultra preset with Recommended Settings for the screenshots here.
  • Use BethINI to turn off in-game Ambient Occlusion. ENB does this instead. Keeping it on will not affect or improve image quality.

Recommended visual mods...

Listed here are some "foundation" graphic mod suggestions...

  • ENB Light Adds ENB Complex Particle Lighting to all kinds of light sources. Big improvement to lighting. Highly recommended.
  • Special Edition Particle Patch all-in-one. Fixes an number of materials to make them behave like they should. Enables wind/snow streaks and interior fog to be controlled by ENB. Highly recommended.
  • SSE Engine Fixes. Greatly improves game stability and speed by fixing core bugs. Recommended for all SSE modding.
  • Majestic Mountains Very nice looking rock and moss and an improved snow system. Looks good. Don't select North or South shadow options as those break ENB's time of day detection.
  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod Massive improvements to many awful looking objects.
  • Skyland landscapes. Landscape textures that tile very smoothly and look good.
  • Skyland Imperial Forts. Lovely stone moss effect.
  • Skyrim High Definition LODs - Darker and Grassy version. Oldrim, but works in SE. Manual install. Makes distant terrain blend in and look natural. "Darker and Grassy" works well with grass mods. Highly recommended.
  • Noble Skyrim. Huge texture pack. Great city textures. Have other more specific texture mods overwrite this.
  • Rudy HQ Nordic Ruins. Great ruin textures.
  • Underground Nice cave, mine, fort and Dwemer ruin textures (and others) from the author of Majestic Mountains.
  • DynDOLOD. Huge improvements to distant objects. A few things to learn, but worth the effort.
  • More Subtle Nirnroot. Removes or reduces massive Nirnroot halo. Works in SE.
  • Realistic Water Two. Now includes parallax maps for extremely nice looking ENB-enhanced water.

Others to have a look at: High Poly Project, Unofficial Material Fix, Stunning Statues of Skyrim, Misc Retexture Projext, CC's Enhanced Ore Veins.

Trees: my personal favourite at the moment is Simply Bigger Trees with HQ Tree Bark but there are many excellent tree and vegetation mods. 3D Trees and 3D Landscapes are very well made, but many plants and flowers shimmer instead of sway.

Verdant grass looks good, but hits performance. Voluptuous grass is a nice alternative. Veydosebrom has reappeared on the Nexus after some time away and is excellent. Cathedral Landscapes includes grass and very good distant landscape textures, and is very performance friendly.


There are three kinds of post process antialiasing methods available at the moment.

ENB Edge: a reasonable quality and VERY fast antialiasing method that selectively blurs the screen to avoid noise and sharp edges. Removes a lot of noise which can cause some smudging of foliage.

To enable: make sure TAA and FXAA are off (use BethINI). Load you game. SHIFT+ENTER to enter the ENB menu. Top left menu, open ANTIALIASING and tick Edge. Click SAVE CONFIGURATION. SHIFT+ENTER to leave the ENB menu. Restart isn't required.

TAA: Very good at eliminating noise, flicker and rough edges, but softens the image somewhat and adds motion blur. The most effective system for removing aliasing jaggies, but also the slowest and softest. Enable in BethINI. Make sure ENB Edge is disabled.

FXAA: All purpose selective blurring. Moderately good at removing jagged lines. Enable with BethINI. Make sure ENB Edge is disabled.

Q & A...

1. "What is the performance like?"
With sun rays enabled, I lose about 15 fps over vanilla on an RX480. Usually locked at 60 in interiors. I use many of the above mods/textures including DynDOLOD high preset. On a more capable GPU (eg Nvidia 2070, Radeon 5500), or with a light graphics mod load, the 60 fps cap everywhere is expected.

2. "I have a fire damaged Geforce 4 MX covered in gravy and jam, with 64k DDR memory. Can I use this?"

3. "I have two watercooled RTX 2080 Supers in SLI with a gazillion terabytes of video memory, can I use this?"

4. "How do I turn ENB on and off and access the ENB console?"
Use defaults. Shift + Enter to access the control panel and Shift + F12 to turn ENB on and off.

5. "Any other Weather mods supported?"
No. I like these ones.

6. "Can I turn on or off effects (like Skylighting)?"
Yes. Skylighting and Depth of Field work fine, they're just a bit performance intensive. Conversely, you can turn off effects if you're having performance issues. I'd turn off Sun Rays and Complex Particle Lighting first. The preset is supposed to be fast but if you have a good GPU like a 2070 or better, you can add Skylighting, direction illumination and DOF effects, and turn up effect quality settings.

7. "My dungeons or night are too bright or dark. Is there anything I can do?"
Yes. Open the ENB control panel, open ENBEffects on the right panel, change the Night/Interior Exposure and/or Gamma settings to taste. Hit SAVE CONFIGURATION. Hint: open the console to stop your character breakdancing while you change settings.

8. "Can I use your shader code in my own ENB preset?"
Yes. With appropriate credits in the .fx file and mod description.

9. "Who is the chunky lady-orc in the screenshots?"

Her name is Test. She is an orc barbarian warior. I made her and her CBBE Body Slide preset for the purpose of these screenshots. The Body Slide preset is available here (nudity warning as it's a CBBE preset).