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Imports the rain/fog/thunderstorm weather from Obsidian Weathers into Cathedral Weathers and Seasons.

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As much as I love Cathedral Weathers & Seasons, it has one annoying problem: the rain and thunderstorm weathers aren't the best. While the changes in Cathedral Weathers 2.0 made the issues less glaring, gloomy weather still isn't on par with mods like Obsidian Weathers and Aequinoctium. Because CW&S has become the de-facto weather mod (and development on Obsidian and Aequinoctium has ceased), instead of needing to choose between better compatibility or decent gloomy weather, this mod lets you enjoy the best of both worlds!

The mod will work with any mod that's compatible with Cathedral Weathers, however its possible that they might overwrite some of the changes this mod makes. I would recommend trying them out and seeing if you get good results. Also, as of version 4.0, you can choose an optional patch for Darker Nights inside the FOMOD installer.

The only requirement is Cathedral Weathers. Do not install Obsidian Weathers. Just place this ESP after CW&S in your load order and you should be good to go. You can install and uninstall this mod mid-game with no problems. This is because CW&S is based off of the Obsidian Weathers code, and they both only use vanilla weather IDs, so importing the Obsidian weathers into Cathedral doesn't require any overhauling.

  • Load after True Storms (TS weather has a lot of the same problems with lighting that this mod fixes)
  • Load before Supreme Storms (SS only edits a few weathers, so both mods work great together)
  • Load before any audio overhauls

Recommended mods (compatible with IRFCW):

Lucid Rain - For Cathedral Weathers and Seasons

Supreme Storms SE

Diverse Seasons for Cathedral Weathers

Special thanks to user Kulharin for his help with version 3.0.