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Cathedral weathers and seasons ENB Soul Spectrum based originally off Prismatic. Plus my Cathedral Weathers Volumetric Lighting Overhaul patch.
Support for Wyrmstooth and JawZ Northern Lights weather add on.

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Wyrmstooth weather and --JawZ-- Northern Lights Weather Add On is supported by Soul Spectrum!

1.) Download and Install Cathedral Weathers and Seasons

2.) Download ENB Series SE + and ONLY extract the d3d11.dll | d3dcompiler_46e.dll into your skyrim special edition folder!

3.) Download my Soul Spectrum ENB and extract it into your SSE folder (Either main version or performance version)

4.) Download and install ENB Helper

5.) If using performance version enable skyrim's screen space ambient occlusion, in your skyrimprefs.ini by setting bSAOEnable=1.

6.) If using performance version then download and install my custom Cathedral Weather.INI settings in optional files and install it after Cathedral Weathers and.
Alternatively you can JUSR manually add the custom AO settings to the Cathedral Weather.ini yourself.


Thanks Arindel!

7.) If you use Cathedral Landscapes / Grass; the Cathedral Weathers.esp plugin MUST be loaded / sorted AFTER Landscapes! If you use Cathedral Landscapes + Grass then I ALSO recommend my Northern Cathedral Grass

8.) Download and Install my Cathedral Weather Godray / Volumetric Lighting Overhaul Patch (put this plugin after Cathedral Weathers)  This makes some improvements to volumetric lighting and some minor image space and weather adjustments to work better with ENB.

Suggested for use with my ENB

-ELFX WITHOUT Enhancer with ELFX Fixes.  Should be fine with Relighting Skyrim, Luminosity, ELE, Realistic Lighting Overhaul or ELFX Enhancer but you'll likely need to adjust interior ENB brightness, and/or saturation settings.

-Lanterns of Skyrim II + Master Lights

-I use the new Realistic Waters Two and I recommend download the Darker Gradients and Updated ENB textures under the RWT Misc Section for it;  You can also use Mindflux's ENB Waters mod instead of RWT.

-Cathedral Landscapes with Northern Cathedral Grass but it should look good with any grass and mountain mods.

-ENB Light (newest alpha)

-Embers XD (Yellow/Orange Flame) This is almost essential now; otherwise fire will likely be too bright; install this below/after ENB Light)

-Rudy's More Lights for ENB Series (multiple mods)

-Rally's Blackreach Mushrooms

-Rally's Butterlies, Mouths and Torchbugs

-Wyrmstooth.  My enb supports Wymstooth unique weathers. 


I will need to update compatibility for improved rain and fog and true storms.  (not currently fully compatible, but give it a go)

Fully compatible with Diverse Seasons if you aren't using JawZ weather add on

Thanks to hodilton for this showcase.

Thanks to AI cave for a video: (video is previous retired version)