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A colorful ENB built from "A Cathedralist's ENB" for Cathedral Weathers.

Permissions and credits
A remade version of my previously released ENB preset which had a lot of weak points. I had to make a new page because for some reason I couldn't upload new files to the old one. I think it's a lot more balanced now and I eliminated most weak points. I hope you like it. I will try to update it so please tell me if you encounter any problems.

One Preset (New)
Only one preset for the new version. It's well balanced for most systems and I left out some of the unnecessary effects.

Three Presets (Old versions for Cathedral 1.0)
Full Preset: Many effects are enabled and performance is comparable to most other presets.
My Preset: The preset I use for gameplay on a GTX 960. No godrays, no bloom and a couple other things. Pretty performance friendly.
Performance Preset: Almost all effects are turned off. Performance is as close to vanilla as possible.

ENB Helper for multiple weather support.
Cathedral Weathers and Seasons
Interiors were tweaked with ELFX, but all lighting mods should work.

1. Download the ENB files from Extract d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll to your Skyrim directory (where SkyrimSE.exe is).
2. Download my ENB files and drop them into your Skyrim SE directory.
3. Boot up the game and have fun.

All credit goes to Oatss for making A Cathedralist's ENB
which my ENB was built from and of course everyone who contributed to his ENB:


  • Phinix, for creating The Truth ENB of which A Cathedralist's ENB is based off. Endorse their preset!
  • JonnyWang13 and many others on the Cathedral Discord for helping me out with many
  • things, most importantly fixing the horizon seam!
  • Reforged Bloom by SandvichDISH on the enbdev forum
  • Color and bloom filters by HeliosDoubleSix (HD6)
  • AGCC tonemap & 3D LUT support by kingeric1992
  • Bokeh Depth of Field option by Marty McFly
  • Postpass blur, sharp, grain, vignette, etc by JawZ
  • Prepass subsurface control by The Sandvich Maker and Adyss
  • ENB itself and various effects by Boris Vorontsov
  • Day/night/twilight separation by kingeric1992 & Phinix
  • Additions, in-game options, & formatting by Phinix
  • Khajiit Nighteye control by Phinix
  • Ady's Shaders by Adyss
  • ENB Weather ini structure by LonelyKitsune