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ENB Preset designed to enhance the look, while not overwriting the vanilla or the weather mod's colors.
Really performance friendly. Avg. 0-5 fps loss.

Permissions and credits

The mission of this Preset is to enhance the Base of the Weather Mod Cathedral Weathers and Seasons.
To achieve that, no tonemapping feauture of ENB and Reshade is included, so the colors and the way colors are
treated is handled by the Weather Mod.
Also all Effects which are necessary to make your Game look stunning are included, while not interrupting with the Main Goal, neither drain too much fps for a not that drastic change in the positive direction.
Multiple Weathers is supported and carefully tweaked to make the current weather feel even more like it should.
Well this ENB has vanilla in its name, while its going to be used with Cathedral Weathers.
Thats because in my opinion Cathedral Weathers does a really great job by enhancing the weathers in a really immersive way
and even extends the variety of these Weathers.
That all in one leads to visuals the game should have by getting a true immersive remaster.

Effects Included by ENB:

- Ambient Occlusion (1 FPS cost)
- Detailed Shadows
- Distant Shadows
- Procedural Sun
- Subsurface Scattering
- Complex Fire Lights
- Complex Particle Lights
- Water + Underwater Shader
- Wet + Rain Wet Surfaces

(optional but recommended) (FPS cost 1 FPS) Effects included by Reshade:

- Luma Sharpen
- Curves

The Requirement is Cathedral Weathers and Seasons.
Since this preset uses Multiple Weathers its highly recommended to use Cathedral Weathers.
Otherwise the Multiple Weathers feature will only work on Vanilla Weather IDs edits
and the colors of everything will look different and maybe not fittting to the scenario.
You need ENB Helper to get all of the Weathers to work.
For the interiors I used Luminosity Lighting Overhaul in combination with Shadows.
Both of them are soft requirements, other Interior Lighting Mods like ELFX or RLO will also work.
I use Luminosity because it also is made for the Cathedral Concept and fits pretty well.
Since it only edits color records of interiors it can be used over the top of RLO and so on.
Keep in mind that Luminosity should be loaded after RLO then.
Shadows is really performance heavy and just a nice addition to interiors.
It can really change the atmosphere in total but the cost is enormous.

1) First check if you have installed the Requirements.

2) Download the latest ENB Binaries from the official page of ENB. (This ENB was made with v.445)

3) Open the WrapperVersion folder of the binaries and take only the d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll, then drag and drop them into the Skyrim root directional.
    (There where the SkyrimSE.exe is)

4) Download the ENB files from this page and place them in the same directory as you did for the binaries in step 3. (There where the SkyrimSE.exe is)

5) If you want to use the Reshade which comes with this Preset, you need to download Reshade, then need to run it, select SkyrimSE.exe as the application to run.

then pick dx11 as the runtime and pick the shader bundles StandartEffects, and Legacy Standart Effects.

Only pick the shaders Curves and Luma Sharpen from it, disable the rest.

Ingame select my Preset in the menu by pressing Pos1 and on the tab from the top to select the preset.

6) Disable Vanilla Ambient Occlusion and Lens in the Vanilla SkyrimSELauncher.

7) You are ready to go!

Quick FAQ:

First of all I want to make the Performance Impacts clear.
Overall the performance impact of everything varies on your setup of the game
aswell as on the Hardware of your PC.
I have an GTX 1660 Ti and an I7-2600, with my ModSetup I gain the average
60 FPS depending on the situation without this ENB.
With this ENB I gain avg 60-55 FPS.

Main Mods I used:

I have over 500 Mods so I will not post everything here.
Just briefly the mods which make the biggest difference.

Noble Skyrim HD
Cathedral Landscapes
Majestic Mountains
Cathedral Waters
Cathedral Plants
Enhanced Vanilla Trees
Mountain Z-Fight Patch (For Lods)

(recommended) Mods which enhance ENB visuals:

Smooth Sky Mesh

Obsidian Mountain Fogs

Ethereal Clouds

Enhanced Night Sky

Particle Patch for ENB

ENB Light

olvus Reshade

- Boris Vorontsov
- Crosire