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Brows is a Skyrim texture mod that replace the existing eyebrows with high resolution hand painted eyebrows that are true to the vanilla style, but look so much more photo realistic. Brows also feature added brow styles that will be added along the way as the mod develops and brow style requests are given.

Permissions and credits

Brows is a Hvergelmir's Aesthetics mod that replace all Skyrim vanilla brow textures with completely new high resolution hand painted  - from scratch - eyebrows. The aim is to be as photo realistic as possible, without actually literally copying eyebrows from photos. All eyebrows have been hand painted to imitate existing brows from Skyrim. Brows also come with an .esp file that adds additional NEW eyebrows to the game, based on requests from fans and my own ideas. Some of these eyebrows are based on my own eyebrows as well as friends and family around me. All brows, including vanilla replacers also come in lighter and darker variants, so you have a huge selection of eyebrows, that should hopefully suit everyones personal preferences.

Brows is first and foremost a vanilla texture replacer and you're not obligated to use the included .esp file, but I do highly recommend it, if not for the sake of getting additional eyebrow styles, but for the sake of having the new dark and light variants of all eyebrows as well.

  • Vanilla eyebrow textures are 128x64 px.
  • Brows high-res pack are 1024x512 px - these should not affect most people performance wise.
  • Brows also comes in 512x256 px for those with really old computers. Only recommended for weaker computers and laptops.
  • There's also a 1024x512 uncompressed version available. These are uncompressed and NOT optimized - only the strongest rigs should use these for general play, otherwise only recommended for screenshots and/or videos for the best realism.

All textures have already been optimized, so please don't attempt to run these through DDSOpt (or similar). Do NOT delete alpha channel of the eyebrows, or you'll have unwanted results in game. The alpha channel is needed not only for specular properties, but also to let Skyrim engine know what is eyebrow and what is not. Removing it completely will have Skyrim think the whole texture is one big eyebrow.



Find more videos in the video section

It is recommended to install Brows with Nexus Mod Manager, it simplifies the process greatly and also makes it simple to uninstall again if needed.

To manually install Brows, use either WinRar or 7-Zip to extract the files to Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim
If asked to override, click yes. Please keep in mind this will override any other brow (re)textures you currently have installed.

To manually uninstall Brows, delete the Malebrows and Femalebrows folders inside the textures folder found here Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim/Data/Textures/Actors/Character
Please keep in mind this will delete any other brow (re)textures you currently have installed. If you know what you're doing you can enter the brow folders and delete each texture manually as you see fit.

You may use Hvergelmir's Aesthetic mods assets for a mod of your own under these specific conditions; you must give proper credit. You must link back to the original mod page from yours, with a CLEAR visible link, you must not release your mod(s) with my mod assets outside of Nexus.

My mods may not under any circumstances be distributed any other place than Nexusmods. If in doubt, refer to the mirrors list, if a site is featured there it has my permission to distribute my mod(s).
You may not under any circumstances release my mods on Steam, if I wanted my mods there I'd do it myself.

I am open to suggestions and collaboration work on other mods, got any great ideas feel free to contact me. My strong side is mainly (re)texturing, but I am flexible and should be suitable for other jobs.

If you like my work, I'd appreciate it highly if you'd comment or post screenshots featuring my work!

Read my profile page if you want to know more about me, or find my other mods.