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Play as Jon Snow from GOT.

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This is a preset for Racemenu. It is modelled on Jon Snow, as portrayed by Kit Harington, in the HBO series: "Game of Thrones" based on GRR Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire books. This is my first contribution to the community but if this is well recieved I might have a go at trying to recreate some other characters. Enjoy!


- SKSE. Download it from their website; just Google: "SKSE".

- "RaceMenu" by expired6978.

- "Fine Face Textures for Men" by urshi (What I am using in the screenshots.)

- "The Eyes Of Beauty" by LogRaam

- "Brows" by lthot

- "KS Hairdos" (Not on Nexus). You'll have to just Google: "KS Hardos" and find yourself a download source, though I cannot vouch for the security of this download.


- "Game of Thrones Armor Compilation" by donker316

- "Winter is Coming - Cloaks" by nivea


To install, extract to your Skyrim "Data" folder, inside your Skyrim Directory. (For me this is found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data)

I do not own the character "Jon Snow". This mod is not monetised so I am not profiteering from GRR Martin's creation or Kit H's likeness so... please don't sue me :P

Preset was created by me (WhiteStag). If anyone wants to create a follower using this preset feel free, just give me credit and make sure to get the relevant permissions from the respective authors of the required mods. Peace!