About this mod

My attempt at Remaking Pauline, Mario's old flame and damsel from Donkey Kong. My first attempt at a mod.

Permissions and credits
My first attempt at a mod.

Make sure the file is placed here: This PC > Documents > My Games > Skyrim > Saves and unzip it so it's an ess file.

Pauline with her more modern look  (from the cover of the game boy donkey kong and from appearances in the Mario vs Donkey Kong games)with the long brown slight curly hair and red dress, she's a level 1 Nord still in Helgen Keep.  I tried to make her into a custom follower and failed. Hopefully, maybe, someone can pick this up and make her into one. I was planning making saving her and becoming your follower and possible wife into a mini quest that plays somewhat like Donkey Kong and you have to find her caged up in a troll lair, or on top of fort tower with a strong troll guarding her and before that, have a note in a bandits lair screaming for help and where she's being imprisoned. Trolls or a troll would be acting like Donkey Kong since they do act rather ape like. Once 'rescued' she would hang out in Riften and have you be able to marry her if you wanted with the sultry voice. I did want to make her be a conjurer and have others do the fighting for her, so she would have High Magic but  make her health and stamina low and be cowardly so she would be vulnerable if away from you and her summons and she would trip traps. she would trip traps. Also give her high heels (systems and black heeled mary janes) and a red dress from other mods to improve the look and have her wearing a gold ring and gold necklace both enchanted with speech, for character reasons not practical ones.