About this mod

Ares is an beautiful androgynous male..
He uses the YgNord race from Enhanced Character Edit.
THis mod contains custom meshes/textures and support for Schlongs of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits

Please if you have any question be sure to ask in "Posts"


You need to install ECE before RaceMenu (You need the YoungNord Race)
This preset looks very weird in another race


- Install SKSE.

- Install Enhanced Character Edit

-Install RaceMenu

- Install KS Haridos - Renewal or New HDT Physics for KS-SG-HG Hairs

-install Lucious looks for all

-Install Schlongs of Skyrim 

- Install Brows

- Download and install my preset

Note: If you use a Vampire Overhaul and you get some incompatibility using YgNord Race please use the next load order to fix it (If you already are a vampire then cure your vampirism. Make a new save. Exit the game. Use my suggested load order an get it again):

I hope you like it!

Mods used in screenshots:
Revenant Necromancer Robes
BDO Striker Blazing Inferno by DInt999
Black Knight Set from Apachii Divine Elegance
Journeyman Armor
Lustmord Vampire Armor