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Ares is a vampire male with a delicate aparence, he look like a true demi-god

Permissions and credits
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This mod contain the work frome diverse autors,and some custom textures, all this was gathered in a single file to facilitate the installation of this Preset to less experienced users in the moding since the installation and construction of files could be complicated, this only seeks to facilitate the installation to users in generally, the files contained within "Textures" and the ESP of ks hairdo's are not of my authorship, the credits are of their corresponding authors, I only collect, organize and modify some of these to obtain the desired results for Ares Bloodfallen.

Well, the installation should not be very complicated, you just need to download and install all the specified requirements, this preset includes textures and meshes of Better Males and Unslaad Pale Textures (Converted for male characters) Please Follow the instructions and installation order to avoid any type of errors and obtain the same result as the demonstration images. This mod also includes a modified ESP of KS Hairdo's that allows to use the hair "Somali" in masculine characters and for that reason its installation is necessary (In case of being requested by the author this same one will be erased and will give instructions of how to modify it).

It is important to clarify that this Preset only works with the Ygnord race of Enhanced Character Edit, using it in other races will give aesthetically unpleasant results, it does not look very good in any Vanilla race or other custom race that I have tried, in case you choose contract vampirism it is necessary to install RaceCompatibility and load this same under the main ESM files of Skyrim to avoid conflicts or Bugs, should work well with Better Vampires and Sacrosanct, for clarifications or questions please let me know and I will gladly answer you how to solve any conflict or problem that the Preset can cause you (although everything should be fine if you install everything correctly).

The textures are necessary to obtain the same result of the images since the original textures of the Ygnord race are a little simpler, those you will find in the download files are customized for the desired result of this preset and include vampire fangs ( even without having contracted vampirism) :)


- This mod requires SKSE.

- The first thing you should install is Enhanced Character Edit along with your Ygnord custom race, then install RaceMenu (ECE is essential for proper operation).

- You need download KS Hairdo's and install it, after having done this it is necessary to download the modified ESP of this mod (This is necessary to be able to use the hair).

- Download and install the custom textures of this mod.

-  If you want to use Sacrosanct or Royal Bloodlines it is necessary to use and load before the Vampire Overhaul that you have chosen or you have "RaceCompatibility for Skyrim and Dawnguard"

Note: If the face is not loaded correctly when applying the preset you must go to "Sculptor" and with F9 Load the file that says "Ares Bloodfallen", this is because it uses ECE resources.
The other requirements can be installed or loaded in the desired order.

Why is he so effeminate? It looks like a girl! (It's something you can probably ask).
Well the reason for its appearance is that it is based on stereotypes of Asian male beauty, personally I find it more attractive than American, European or Nordic. Of course my intention was not to make him look like an Asiatic! I just wanted to have a character with an Androgynous style that was really comfortable to watch, because the Dovahkiin has to be a big, strong, muscular and barbaric man? Is not a semi Demigod not as beautiful as an angel? My main inspiration came from "Lucifer" and Griffit from the famous manga "Berserk".
The name "Ares" comes from the Greek god of war and "Bloodfallen" is an interesting game of words because it can easily be associated with the god Ares, besides that from the beginning this character was made especially to be a vampire.

Being able to do this took me several months learning about the structure of Skyrim, how the mods and the game itself work, all this and the direct and indirect help of the Nexus Mods community has allowed me to create this work which I feel quite proud since I end up being more than I could have imagined at first.
Thanks community!
-If you are the author of any resource used in this mod and it bothers you to make use of one or more of your files please communicate it to me and if you wish your resources will be deleted from it, I have done almost nothing of the resources used in this mod, just as I mentioned before I have only collected and organized them to work well with this race since the original mods do not have support for this race or in some cases there are not even male versions of them, my only intention is facilitate its use to users avoiding a headache or frustration for not being able to do it well (in the case of beginners), I do not intend to obtain credit for materials that are not my own and for that reason it is this clarification.
Thanks to all the moderators for their hard work! :)