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RaceMenu preset for a female nord.

Permissions and credits

Skyrim (Obviously)
SKSE (For RaceMenu and because you really should have it)
KS Hairdos
Freckle Mania 2

(To achieve exact look)

XCE - Warpaint (For better paint textures)
Better Makeup for SKSE (Fair Skin Option)
Seductive Lips HD
Demoniac_Texture (No gloss for face) (The teeth are nice as well)
RANs HeadMesh Variants


1. After installation, unzip, and copy paste or drag Data folder into your Skyrim game directory. (SteamLibrary -> steamapps -> common -> Skyrim).
2. Launch Skyrim and create a new game.
2a. If changing existing character load a save.
2b. Press the ( ` ) key (Left of the 1 key on american keyboards)
2c. Shaded box should pop up, type "showracemenu" and it will bring up RaceMenu, press ( ` ) again to close shaded box.
3. When the car ride ends you'll be forced into character creation.
4. Press F9 to open preset menu and select my preset, press what ever key is bound to "load" and that should be it.


Bethseda for making skyrim.
All the authors for the mods above.
Nexus for holding my preset.
Author of My RaceMenu Presets for inspiration to upload this and for the format of this page lol.


Don't re-upload, that's not very cool. 
You can re-upload if edited a good degree, ask my permission first.