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Justina Severus (Imperial Female) a Penitus Oculatus Agent - Saving Skyrim One Quest At A time

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Justina Severus is a special trained member of the Penitus Oculatus sent to Skyrim. Unable and Unwilling to reveal her mission to an Imperial Patrol, she was captured and sent to Helgen. Her initial mission was to find, infiltrate and stop whatever was causing the East Empire Company in Windhelm to lose a fortune in Septims each trading season to piracy. Second: Make contacts in Skyrim to have a better intelligence network for the security of the Empire and Emperor Titus Meade II. Third: Monitor, Control or Disable any items or threats to stabilty in Skyrim and the Empire, including the Aldmeri Dominion.

She is fair-skinned and fair-haired and will blend into Skyrim, a true Nord will definately know that she is of mixed Imperial and Nord heritage. After her escape from Alduin's attack at Helgen she knew what she had to do first. Finding her hidden armor and weapon cache she picked up her equipment and set out. Trusting her Imperial instincts she recruits Adelaisa Vendicci of the East Empire Company to join her, all the while thinking; are the family rumors of her ancestors possibly true? Could she possibly be of a long lost bloodline that was once thought extinct; only time would tell.

ALL Items Stored in Heljarchen Hall small house (crafting items outside, Quest/Weapons/Armor and other items inside). Enchanted Alchemy/Crafting outfit is next to workbench with a small amount of crafting materials. Some shouts unlocked. Justina is wearing enchanted armor now. The house IS NOT furnished!

QUEST'S COMPLETED: Main Quest - A Return To Your Roots - Rise In The East - Destroy The Dark Brotherhood!

Advanced Skills in Light Armor, One Handed, Block, Speech, Smithing, Illusion, Sneak and Enchanting. She is currently at Level 117.

Dragonborn started but have not been to Solstheim - Dawnguard Not Started (Vampires Running Rampant!) which is why all items are at small house in The Pale. Guards dying quick due to high level vampire attacks in cities.

Adelaisa Vendicci can hold her own...trust me. Yes, Console Commands "setlevel" to get her past level 25...would make excellent Steward. Lydia is in Breezehome. 

NOTE: There were minor liberties taken to set her up as a fully trained Imperial Operative...no fussing.