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How to get the Mask, suit, spells and sword of Corvo Attano from the Dishonored series

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First up:for the suit+mask+sword/dagger(it's classified as a one haded sword,base attack 20) literally search up "skyrim dishonored mod" on Google or whatever search engine you use. There have been questons on how legal it is so I won't provide a direct link but literally search and you will find it. Be careful one site had an exe in the folder that should be a virus. The one I have looks like this on the filepath:
(downloads)\\Dishonored_Lord_Protector_Set.7z\Dishonored_Lord_Protector_Set and then the files. It has the most authentic look of a dishonored armor mod(I mean there are masks on the Nexus but those are not that accurate, and I can't find a suit, so this is your best bet)

For spells: use this
If you're lazy like me just use player.addspell (if you can't find the id press page up to scroll) haven't done the quest(like I said, lazy) but spells work fine, all tested except shadow kill because darnit Solitude is safe but I haven't heard of problems with it.

STRONGLY SUGGESTED:Sneak tools: has a spell for concealing your identity, perfect for the mask
Crossbow integration: so you have ammo
Signature equipment: awesome for ANY roleplay playthrough esp. for plays like Imperial Legion or any other that requires a standard set of weapons and armor. Relatively new but works great.

You might also want Better stealing:

Where's the OC stuff? The racemenu preset. Put it together in under an hour so feel free to modify but please credit and tell me(I want to keep this up to date, same with the spells and mods)You will need:
The eyes of beauty:
KS Hairdos:

Not sure how to do this so unzip it manually and put it into Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\Presets
This is my first mods so feel free to message me with questions or if you want more pics.