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A RaceMenu preset I created for my character Khinara Jade, based off of the amazing "Adriana RaceMenu Preset" by StephieRawx. :3

Permissions and credits

This preset was built off of "Adriana Preset For RaceMenu and ECE" by StephieRawx. I've just added my own twist, and with
permission I've decided to upload and share my character to anyone who likes it.

There is also a "No Elf Ears" version that has normal ears instead of elf ears.


ENBs, head meshes, and skin textures can all have an impact on what your character will look like.
For best results, make sure you have all of the required mods installed.

The Eyes Of Beauty
Rans Headmesh (Type-C)
KS Hairdos - Renewal
Better Makeup for SKSE - The "High Res Female Face Makeup for SKSE" file,
make sure you read the description about the SKSE ini tweak or else the
makeup will look pixelated.


These are not required but are completely optional. For skin textures I use "SRG Female Textures by Seren4xx" <- This mod is not on Nexus or Steam Workshop and you'll have to package and install the textures manually. This texture is just my personal preference, if you want something faster and easier, some of my other favorites are SG Female Textures Renewal (for beauty) - or - Mature Skin Textures (for realism). :)


Note - if you're using the darker skin and makeup version, make sure you use the corresponding head file or you will get a neck seam.

1. Open the console with ` (the key under Esc) and type showracemenu and press Enter, then close the console by again pressing `.

2. Set your gender to Female

3. Set your race to Nord

4. Set Complexion to '0'

5. Click on the "Presets" tab in the upper right

6. Press F9 and click on Khinara Jade.jslot

7. Click on the "Sculpt" tab in the upper right

8. Press F9 and click on Khinara Jade.nif

9. A window should come up, press E to accept


Adriana Preset for RaceMenu and ECE
by StephieRawx

by Expired 

by Hvergelmir

The Eyes Of Beauty 
by LogRaam 

KS Hairdos Renewal
by Kalilies, Stealthic Khaos and Shocky

RAN's HeadMesh Variants 
by RAN46

Better Makeup for SKSE 
by Diethardt