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  • Brows 4.0

    So, the unthinkable happened. A new version of Brows is finally available for Skyrim Special Edition both here on Nexusmods and on It has been several years since the last update, and I always intended to quickly, but properly port Brows to SSE. But alas, things happened in my life and the thought of going through all the brows, all the different texture size variations, compression etc. and I quickly lost interest.

    It's been years, but I'm a man of my word, even if it means 'later' and not so much 'sooner'. I've received some positive feedback already, and I'm glad to see the community is still very much alive, even if I'm not, most of the time. I still have to officially release Brows 4.0 for legacy Skyrim as of when I'm writing this, but it should be ready in t...

  • Brows v3.0 is close to release - requesting user aid

    Dear Nexus.

    As some of you may know, I've had a break from modding for quite a while for various reasons and have recently returned. Before I left I promised an update to Brows, so here I am. I'm very close to release an update for Brows which, b.t.w. at this given moment have reached more than 10.000 endorsements (thanks!). In an attempt to improve on an otherwise much appreciated Hvergelmir mod I have decided to give each eyebrow texture a needed visual upgrade. Each eyebrow will be hand painted from scratch (once again!), for a much more detailed, but realistic appearance! This should hopefully attract more users to the mod, especially those that never downloaded the mod to begin with for whatever reason. I am here to deliver top quality mods and as I don't feel Brows curren...

  • Brows v2.0 released

    Hi Nexus,

    I've been working for quite some time on the latest release of Brows. I've had quite some misfortune with me, though. Some days ago while preparing my Skyrim installation folder for a fresh reinstallation of Skyrim (I do that time to time, kinda like reformatting your PC occasionally for better performance and stability) I received an update for NMM which I accepted, meanwhile I was currently uninstalling CreationKit through Steam. Well, something went completely wrong which resulted in my whole Skyrim installation folder to get deleted... And I mean everything, all folders and files; NMM's mod folder that contained my complete mod collection; all my optimized vanilla and DLC .bsa files and textures; all my customizations of various things, such as ENB settings and ot...