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This mod is a preset for MxR's Ultra modded series. My future plans will be to add a completely new mod witch is a save game of Ysera so you don't have to bother creating a new character and all that crap. Please endorse if you like the mod and tell me what you think of it in the comments thanks :)

Enhanced Character Edit (MUST BE VERSION 0.68)
Race Menu
CBBE or UNP body 
The Eyes Of Beauty
SG Hair Hack 
Aurora and twilight follower (Textures only)

How To Install
Just drop the Preset in to SKSE/Plugins/Chargen/Preset or just add the SKSE file in to your Skyrim directory.

How to Uninstall
Sorry you can't. Just kidding take the preset out of your SKSE file.

Thanks to Shadowfake for creating the Nina preset I wouldn't of being able to make this mod without it :)
Texture created by Urshi,Thanks for letting me use them!
Last but certainly not the least thanks to MxR for making such a great character and I hope this makes it to a episode of Skyrim Mods weekly!