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Just a few tweaks to the appearance of the available orc followers. No changes have been made to the height or weight of each follower but they will now have berserk (power they may or may not use) and level to 100 with the player. If they were already marriageable, that has not been altered, if not, no alterations so far.

Permissions and credits
These are the orc companions I use in my game,. they will require a few mods and will use whatever face and body mods you use. I wanted to keep it that way since many players have many tastes. I will list the mods I use for the same look I have and I welcome pictures of the followers in your game. Just please none that will get me banned because this page will be fairly SFW. I may release my other followers at a later date and so the best part is if you have these five required mods, you will have the required mods for all my replacers until I try standalone!

KS Hairdos- Renewal: by Kalilies
Emo Hair for Men: by AugustVoc

Eyes: (I only use ones that add not replace)
Improved Eyes: by Nazenn
Eyes of Beauty: by LogRaam

Lastly, Brows:
Brows: by Ithot

Beards are Vanilla

To get the desired look for the women I only use one for the face and body (Not required),
they use unp (body): by Dimon99
for the skin: Fair skin Complexion: by HHaleyy
For the teeth (both genders), A dentist for Orsimers: by Redtox

To get the look for the men, I use
SOS for the body, on the other site, textures are the hairy ones
Paired with HPM High Poly Male Meshes: by AustinLyle0
Face textures are a blend between Pretty Face for men: by Tktk1
Blended with SC- Men Faces: by ShinglesCat

I did not included them because some people do not like smooth face men so it is better for them to take the textures you have.

I forgot to mention where they were. Lob, Ugor and Ogol can only be gotten from Largashbur (The Rift) after the Cursed Tribe quest has been completed.
Ghorbash from Dushnikh Yal (The Reach)
Borgakh from Mor Khazgur (Haafingar/ The Reach)

Thank you to all the modders that made this possible!

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