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Yet another racemenu preset for a 30+ looking lady, Yaara. Feel free to edit her in your own favor and take your screenshots!

Permissions and credits

Update 8/17/2018: Removing the body paint texture to default, which was inattentively left, causing textureless blue body after loading the preset.

This is my second attempt to make characters after Jill. The requirements of Yaara completely coincide with Jill's.


  • SKSE
  • Racemenu
  • [body] A body mod such as UNP, CBBE (I won't bother to list them all)…
  • While I am personally using UNPB, I thought this preset mod is only about the look of her face. It’s completely up to you to set up the effect of her body, hand and feet.
  • [skin] Mature skin texture and body for [the body mod you installed].
  • If you wanna same face effect as the screenshots, you shall check the boxes of the following in the install menu (I don’t care about options you chosen for non-face part, but if you need consistency you can choose the similar options for her body in the installation as well):
    • “Mature (blemishes)” in Face age;
    • “moles”, “scars” in Face options;
    • “Install” in Normal maps.
  • [hair] KS Hairdos - Renewal
  • [eye] The Eyes Of Beauty
    • [eyeliner] RANs Eyeliner Replacer: to replace the vanilla longer eyeliner to a natural one. You will find a significant difference so this item is not optional.
  • [brows] Brows
  • (optional) [teeth] Smile in HD
  • better teeth looking (maybe).
  • (optional) [facial expression] Female Facial Animation.
  • A good way to display her teeth.
  • (optional) Texture Blender [for the skin texture you installed]
  • in case you find a neck seam.
    From the following list, You shall use the corresponded version to the texture you installed:

  • Caliente’s Texture Blender
  • UNP Texture Blender

Other mods I'm using

Here are some non-character mods used in taking the screenshots, which impact her look as well. You are recommended to refer to the mods list below for getting the character's look as my screenshots.

  • [ENB] BLEAK ENB - UNBLEAK ENB. I am using the unbleak one;
  • [screenshot] Aether Suite;
  • Credits

    Cloths/Armor mods appeared in the screenshots:

    Important mods used in creating the character:
    And Don't forget to check Jill: